Dog Food - is this the next food scandal? | Documentary Idea

by Mark Vroobel

The majority of dry and wet dog foods are made by a small number of multinational manufacturers such as Mars and Nestle. We are recommended to use them by vets, who are badly educated in dog nutrition where veto art school lectures are often sponsored by the very same companies. Furthermore, we are bombarded with advertisements as consumers to purchase these expensive products which are filled with cereals, rice and preservatives, all of which are unnatural foods for dogs who are used to eating raw food in the wild.

Domestication makes no difference to their dietary requirements, an example being human beings, who when move from an eastern to western diet, begin to suffer diseases such as diabetes and obesity. We have little idea of what is actually in these products, what cross branding their is, or how long any of the products have been stored for.

A growing number of professionals and dog owners are using raw food such as chicken, turkey and lamb with raw vegetables to feed their dogs. Evidence suggests that this reduces stomach and teeth health problems, together with the physical chewing of raw food improving dog behaviours such as biting and chewing furniture.

I think this would make a great documentary. Perhaps some undercover investigation in one of the major manufacturers would help, interviews with believers and some evidence of before and after with some dogs who have behaviour or health problems.

Lastly, dogs documentaries are ALWAYS popular and an emotive subject like this would generate a huge amount of public interest if well publicised - ' What the dog food manufacturers don't want you to know'. Perhaps a good title?

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