Drunk Driving, My Story | Documentary Idea

by Gina Bortolussi
(Napa, Ca, USA)

My father and I were victims of a drunk driver. We were hit at 110 mph by a 23 year old with a BAC of .28. My father had bleeding on the brain, I had 5 broken ribs and my head stapled back together, along with about 6 other ailments.

We were victims in every way.

Although the court has given us judgment and he will be in prison 3.5 years, we will never see a dime of the judgement.

It was 9 months ago, and I cannot even get medical insurance.
I have made incredible strides, but the flaw is that people who drive drunk usually don't have the money to pay restitutions.

My father and I are lucky to be alive and our story was covered by the local news, however, we struggle daily. The system has failed us.

I worked for years, winning employee of the year and employee of the month at my jobs. I almost never called in sick. In fact, I went two straight years of perfect attendance at my job. If I needed extra money, I worked two jobs. I always have medical through my employer.

Because of the negligence of one person, we are left with nothing. My savings, my house, my job, my medical, my boyfriend, I lost it all because we were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I decided to put myself to good use, and help others that are suffering the same fate. It was too soon for me, and some of the people I speak to are so worse off then me. They are broken. Burying their children. And they will never be made whole.

I can't look at the pictures. It's so painful.

When people tell you life isn't fair, it's true, but that's when our government should intervene. I shouldn't have the problems I have. The PTSD...and my father will never be the same.

Change is mandatory.

I want to tell my story.

I want to speak for those too broken to speak.

I want to fight for change.

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