Extreme Failures in the Veterans Health Care System | Documentary Idea

by Kirt Calhoun
(Lenoir, NC, USA)

Ever wonder why we hear more and more stories about veterans coming home from wars they fought in the name of the United States of America and just can't seem to readjust back into civilian life??

Arrests....murders....suicides...domestic violence...drug abuse... homelessness...failing health... general failure to adapt to new civilian surroundings?

The simple answers...."PTSD...they are all driven mad by their experiences" ... "Evil medicine...obviously Vicodin, Percocet, Xanax, SSRIs and all that other stuff is making them crazy".....

OK...in some situations, perhaps even a majority of the situations in question, some or all of that is true....

But what if I told you that there are MANY cases where veterans with very legitimate medical needs could be treated by these types of medicines that are being ignored, under-prescribed or having these medicines taken away from them completely even though their situations could be helped with proper use of these medications??

What if I told you that MANY veterans are having their quality of life shattered after being on these medications for years and having the medicine taken from them with no due cause or reasons for doing so?? Never failed a drug test or violated a pain contract.

What if I told you that MANY veterans are having these medicines revoked for no good cause and being improperly weaned, or not weaned from the medication at all?? This contributes to the situations blamed on PTSD or "EVIL MEDS", and this is caused by poor decisions by the doctors and providers whose job it is to help veterans, not to harm them.

For instance, they pull a pain medicine from multiple veterans who were having success with their medication regiment, just to stick these veterans in "think your pain away classes". Their justification for doing so?? 1% of their fellow veterans become addicted or misuse their medicine..... seriously ....

Now....what if I can show you proof of what I tell you is going on in the health care system your tax dollars pay for to treat our returning servicemen and women??

What if a group of veterans were willing to put their own medical records up to show what really happens behind the scenes? To attest to how mediocre doctors contracted by the government fail veterans horribly on a day to day basis?

What if outside doctors and providers scrutinized the medical records of these veterans and confirmed that the treatment is at best sub-standard care, and at worst, maybe even attempts to push veterans to suicide or incarceration or death to reduce the large and ever expanding roll call numbers of veterans the government has created in the last decade and a half with multiple wars??

What would it take? What proof would you personally need to get "torch and pitch fork" mad and ready to stand up for those veterans who stood up for you??

You say you just need proof??? No problem....we got it in spades...

And with an estimated 22 veterans a day committing suicide, and other veterans losing their health or their very lives waiting on appointments while highly paid contracted-with-your-tax-dollars doctors cut out at 3 pm at VA hospitals instead of seeing patients until 430 pm or 5 pm to get some of these veterans treated (yes, 3pm is quitting time at some VA hospitals and clinics for doctors), it is way past time the truth is exposed, debated and shown the attention it deserves....

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