Fear Of Flying - Cured! | Documentary Idea

by Steve Shrubsall

May 2, 2016: Fear of flying documentary idea - For about 10 years now the mere mention of aeroplanes has been enough to see me break out into a clammy sweat, alarmingly elevate my pulse rate, and generally elicit uneasy movement in my seat - even it’s my favourite armchair, with a big glass of wine, in front of a particularly pleasant episode of Doc Martin.

Having lovingly nurtured this fear, I have performed U-turns at airports, endured panic attack a-plenty, and perhaps most noteworthy, was essentially stranded 6000 miles away from home in Southeast Asia for six years, and finally, finally plucking up the courage to board a London-bound British Airways flight. Of course, by courage, I mean I essentially rendered myself unconscious with 5mg of Alprazolam and seven bottles of strong beer.

However, getting on a plane in the far reaches of a prescription-drug and booze-induced coma has done nothing to quell my anxieties, so here I am again - stranded.

I have a passion for travel, you see, and now have to live it out vicariously through Youtube Vlogs or Anthony Bourdain’s back catalogue of television programs- and it frustrates me immensely that, although flights are so incredibly cheap these days, I am unable to convince myself to get on one.

Therefore - the purpose of this documentary is this: TO CURE MY FEAR OF FLYING.

To do this, I will first go to a hypnotist and have them do the groundwork. It would be nice if this method completely alleviated the panic I habour, but I’m not sure it will.

Regardless, the next course of action which I will document will be a Fear of Flying course. Easy Jet have a two-day seminar which concludes with an hour’s flight.

Finally I will board another short haul flight to a European city, spend 24 hours there, and fly back.

Hopefully this will cure me.

I think this would make brilliant documentary. My fear is very real - and it will hopefully end with this documentary show.

I am a writer and journalist with an increasing body of work which can be found both online and in national publications.

I would preferably like to write in an amusing tone - for my own benefit as much as the listeners.

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Jan 26, 2020
I'm a hypnotist and can help
by: Roy Abadi C.Ht.

I'm a certified hypnotherapist with over 11 years of experience helping my clients achieve positive changes in their lives and I believe I can help you, I'm also looking for a documentary film maker to help me document how I help my clients stop smoking, most of my smoking cessation clients stop smoking after one session.
the concept of this documentary can be very simple, let's show someone that is struggling with smoking, interview them, their family members friends and coworkers, film the session and results, dose the subject smokes or not.
Please check me out at royabadi.com, contact me at (562) 895-6619 email royjabadi@hotmail.com

May 10, 2017
by: Anonymous

i fly 2 to 3 times a year. each time, i just dread take-off, especially if the plane bounces as we ascend. i can't stand landing either, especially at LAX when you're practical on top of the buildings before you hit the landing strip. but the worst is cruising, then suddenly encountering turbulence. it just makes me crazy. in the old days, i would drink cocktails in the lounge before i boarded. but then i stopped drinking, and used my yoga training to meditate. i've dated pilots, i've flown in small aircraft, and i've read books galore about this irrational fear of flying. yet i still have the fear. only those who share it can understand.

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