Firefighters Global Cycle | Documentary Idea

by Rudy
(Vancouver Canada)

I am a Fire Department Captain, cancer survivor and have been cycling around the world for five years fundraising for cancer research. I have covered 15 countries and 3/4 of the earth so far. I have filmed the entire journey across Canada, USA, Europe and most recently crossing Thailand and Australia in 4K.

The cancer is slowly returning but I am determined to make it across New Zealand and India. A documentary would be a truly amazing film having worldwide interest with firefighting, cancer, adventure and scenery. Would love a producer film company or network interested to contact me to view a trailer.

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Feb 04, 2019
Film Maker
by: Mac Turner

You're story is amazing and I want to make this a documentary with you. Email me please

Feb 19, 2018
I'm willing to work with you
by: Ravi

Are you still looking for someone to
Finish your documentary. If so plz contact me at thanks

May 17, 2017
by: Shahza

Your story is very inspiring. I am not a producer on my own capacity but my organisation which is not for profit would love to produce a 20 minute production and share with the world your story on 24 hour TV channel which is called MTA (Muslim Telivision Ahmadiyya)

Feb 03, 2016
by: Rudy Pospisil

I have about 40 hours and about 1/2 in 4K format.A mix of go pro 4K and handheld 4K. I could use an editor to partner up with I think. There is a great worldwide adventure movie here

Feb 03, 2016
Interested in your story
by: Zack

Hi Rudy,

Your story is truly an amazing one and I believe would make a terrific documentary. Have you connected with any filmmakers yet?
Email me @

Thank You

Zack Strachan

Dec 23, 2015

by: Desktop Documentaries (Faith)

Hi Rudy, Thanks for sharing your great adventure with us! This does indeed sound like a wonderful opportunity for a documentary.

You may have already considered this, but one idea is to search for documentaries and filmmakers that fit within the style of filmmaking that you like. Reach out to those filmmakers personally and see if they have an interest in your story. If so, you can use their credentials to run a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to hire them.

Here's a resource that may help:

How To Find Filmmakers

Just curious. How many hours of footage do you have and what video gear are you using?

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