Follow My Money

by Roasted Rich

Something I've always wanted to do, follow my money for a year to see where it goes. Every two weeks I receive the amount of money from my employer. Each month I make a mortgage payment. I pay the cable/internet bill. My phone bill. Water bill. Much of the money that leaves my hands goes to the same people each month like clock work. In fact, they've all been so kind as to take my money from my account for me (God forbid I miss a payment). They've taken all the pressure,and money, off me. But even deeper than my monthly bills, I'd like to follow the loose change that slips through my hands each day. I'm considering filming and documenting where every dollar goes for a year. But that's a long time to commit and I already have a job (thank God. Because if I didn't I wouldn't have any money to leave my hands. Thus making this a very lame idea.) Maybe I could do it for a month and then multiply by twelve and say I did it for a year. Thoughts anyone?

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Mar 19, 2011
Fantastic Idea!
by: Ashley

What a great idea --and how inspiring! Did it pan out? Did you end up making the film?

Sep 14, 2010
Great concept
by: Anonymous

A lot of people could relate to this.

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