Freshmen: The Voices of The Come Up | Documentary Idea

by Jessica
(Boston, Ma)

I want to give a voice to those artists who are neglected by the fast pace of society. Those Hip hop artist who are unheard, underpaid, and under appreciated. Those artists, who lose themselves in their paint, create amazing art pieces that go unseen and unrecognized. Poets who could cause the very foundation of a building to quake with the mere vibration of their voice.

I want to give a voice to those artists who are going unheard, give them a vehicle to express those moments of failure, depression, excitement, horror, and pain. I want to capture the very essence of the artists on camera and share it with the world.

I want to follow a painter, a performing DJ, a beat boxer, a hip hop artist, a fashion designer, and a poet with my camera, for a period a time. To their studio sessions, concerts, gallery showings, poetry showcases, and daily struggles.

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