"Gang War In The Ghetto" Documentary

by Carl Hill
(upper marlboro)

Carl Hill

Carl Hill

As a product of gun violence, for years the words why, how, and what were always at war in my head. Then, a while after I start studying my estimation of over fifty years of gang violence, the first time for nearly 40 years the gang leader that conspired to shoot me, ran into me in a restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, I came up with the idea to produce a documentary, ‘Gang War in the Ghetto”.

The documentary depicts the true picture that bears testament and illustrates that over fifty years of gang violence, was, and is, a cancerous ghetto mentality, violation of the poor by the poor which is a force that destroy families, communities, and robs the nation of its youngest and sometimes its brightest minds. This documentary will transmit a message to young people, enabling them to realize there is something worthwhile in them other than gang violence.

I need the public support, please link to indiegogo.com and make your pledge which starts at $1 dollar.

Donate at this link:

You can also view my website @ www.thestagesoflife.com and select some great rewards.

Please forward this. If you are a church member, forward it to your church members, your friends, local and International mailing list. Thanks in advance, the world’s youths need this first hand educational information.

Email me @: kenboot21@hotmail.com I can be reached @ 202-704-5289

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Aug 24, 2013
Support Project
by: Carl Hill

A sincere request to all:

Thankful to be alive, all I wanted is to make a contribution to humanity. Please support this project! The crisis in Jamaica is getting worse and gang violence continues to rear its ugly head. From 2007 to 2011 there were 5701 homicides. Since there is not Gun Control here in the United States, weapons are easily purchased and shipped to Jamaica and neighboring Caribbean nations. Jamaica is flooded with guns.

Our solution is education: Let’s save our young people from the scourge of violence. A $5 pledge can help make saving a life a reality. Please make a pledge. Take a moment to forward this letter and flyer. Also, please share the attached poem to friends, brothers, sisters, and others who may benefit from reading it.

Thank You,



Aug 16, 2012
The truth will set you free.
by: Anonymous

I look forward to seeing this documentary when it is finished and will be pledging my support.

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