Genesis The Real Story | Documentary Idea

by Robert Twigg
(Bothell, Washington, USA)

35 years ago I became more than just interested in Genesis. I don't know why because I am not a particularly religious person. It just seemed to me that to believe the old testament the first chapter must be true and accurate. It must agree with all the sciences. If not, the rest of the old testament are, well, just fabricated stories or old. That, in summary, is what consumed me for the next 25 years and made me think deeply about what the story of Genesis is really trying to tell us. When I began this quest I strongly believed that science would trump the biblical story. But I was determined to discover, for myself, if I was right. I had no idea that it would take me down so many paths.

The ancient Hebrew language was one of them. In studying the biblical story I discovered that it was derived from biblical Hebrew which was, in turn, derived through interpretive consensus from ancient hebrew writings. As I delved deeper into the writings I discovered I had to more fully understand the sciences. Unfortunately the sciences when I started my search were not as well understood as they are now. This caused me to follow many dead end conclusions.

Finally our 21st century sciences began accumulating and discovering enough proofs of our reality that I could begin formulating and comparing what the ancient Hebrews wrote with all the sciences with a high degree of confidence that any comparative analysis could be trusted. Along the way I had to learn as much as I could about Astrophysis, Molecular cell biology, Cosmology, Particle Physics, and may other disciplines.

What I discovered, to my surprise, is that Genesis and the sciences are telling the same story. I discovered some rather improbable correlations between the two. I discovered some interpretive inconsistencies and support for my evolving position in other old testament books. Along the way I talked with a few scientists and Nobel prize recipients like Frank Wilzcek.

All of my story of discovery can be found in my book The Puzzle Keeper: "The Biblical Account of Creation and the Science of Everything" or on the web at This documentary would be of interest to clergy, scientists, and the general public who struggle with, and are trying to come to grips with, apparent inconsistencies. I envision a Morgan Freeman type documentary series.

I am retired now. and resting. But I continue to be involved in my blog. There are actually three stories here. Two stories of creation which will meld together into one story, and a story of discovery.

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Jul 17, 2014
Genesis Conflicts
by: Abby

There are many conflicts on this issue and its unsolved until today.

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