Glimpse | Documentary Idea

by Dan Maher
(Sydney, Australia)

Glimpse is a documentary idea for a series of short real life scenes from the perspective of various characters typifying the different lives of people around the world. The filming would be done similar to Being John Malkovich whereby the audience experiences the scenes as though they were the protagonist.

The message and purpose of this project is so that people can experience for a short period of time what it may be like to be a politician, or disabled person, or deaf or in prison or a street kid or a soldier etc.

Each real life character would be separate as though it were different episodes so that the audience can select which character they would like to see a glimpse of their life.

To create this project volunteers would be sought across the world to be selected as the protagonists. The film crew would have to go their environments and film via camera head sets or glasses so as to fulfill the illusion that the scenes are viewed as though they were through the eyes of the subject.

Example of characters:

UN diplomat
prison inmate
professional athlete
deaf person
blind person
physically disabled person
homeless person
poor farmer

What do you think of this documentary idea? Leave comments/ideas below.. thanks!

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Nov 20, 2014
email NEW
by: Wibke Lange

Hi! I'm a student in film studies and I'm about to graduate. I love your idea and was wondering if I could contact you via email. best, Wibke

Jun 18, 2013
would like to work on rhis project NEW
by: Noel

hi,am noel and am from Africa,i would love to make documentaries. have u already filmed this idea?... i would love to work on it with u..
write to me @ ..... or facebook @ Noel Coolasapollarbear Kabiito

Jun 12, 2013
discrimination NEW
by: Dan

I think this idea would work well with people who are discriminated against.. such as people of different races, obese people, disabled people, etc. Perhaps have people of different races go in to apply for the same job (or rent a house in a nice neighborhood) and document the reactions.

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