Heart of Gold | Documentary Idea

by Luke Bartlett
(Koroit, Australia)

"At age 13, he died and saw a big bright white light"

Born with heart conditions, a young man arrives on the Earth. As he grows up, develops, he discovers that he also has a social behavioural neural disorder, known by its most common name of autism.

Once discovered, this young man figured out that if he put all of his heart and soul into what he was truly passionate about, that he would succeed with flying colours, and find himself in what was once a big and confusing world.

He encountered open heart surgery at the tender age of 13, and died briefly on the operating table, an experience that forever changed his life.
For it was during this brief moment that he saw a big, bright white light, a deceased beloved relative and pet on either side of him. Walking towards the relative, he saw a man in white behind her. With a light touch, that man slowly sent the boy back to black light, back to life.

Since then, this young man has been sharing this story for years to come, to basically everyone he has come into contact with since.

He becomes kinder, more loyal, considerate, and continuing with his chosen passion, music, hoping to find the road that takes him to where he wants.

This documentary showcases the events following that fatal encounter he had with death, and his still, desperately trying to discover the meaning of life.

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May 14, 2014
the rest of the story... NEW
by: Desktop Documentaries

Hi Luke, thank you for sharing your idea. Are you the "boy with Autism"?

When you say the "documentary showcases the events following that fatal encounter he had with death", can you offer some details on what those events are?

Thanks Luke!

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