Helping Ferima: A Story of Autism | Documentary Idea

by Omer Gonne
(Abidjan, Cote Divoire)

My daughter Ferima was diagnosed with the autism syndrome when she was about three years old. She turned eighteen this year, but she does not do any types of conversation. She actually only speaks a few words that can get her receive what she wants or needs. In most cases, she does not make complete sentences.

This documentary is about her life story with us trying to help her out in any way for her to acquire some autonomy.

Yesterday, I was out sick and could not drive her to school. She went outside on her own to fetch the clothes that were hanging outside on the strings for drying. I did not give her any instructions to do so. I was pleased to see that. Is she capable of other things that we haven't taken time to notice?

This movie will interview her school teachers and schoolmates to see the level on her autonomy and understanding of the society around her. I plan to show her at school interacting with other kids and school teachers.

I will document her various activities at home as she goes about minding her own business.

Her school uses the "Freinet Educational System". It consists of a system where the children are treated like adults. They are asked to participate in the decision making process regarding to encourage them to learn to take care of themselves. Could that have had some impact of some of her recent behavior?

This film will show any practice in the Freinet method that may encourage autistic affected children to involve themselves with more sociable behavior which they wouldn't otherwise had.

How do her teachers make her understand some of the concepts used in her books which in a lot of cases make her respond correctly to questions asked. Why does she hate when she is told to do something a certain way? There are so many questions to explore in the quest to help her be socially get connected to society.


What do you think of this documentary idea? Comments/feedback welcome below.

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Feb 08, 2015
Work NEW
by: Zoltan Banfi


I hope that you and your child are ok.
I really like this project despite the fact that it must hurt you every day.
I am a 2nd year student on Digital TV and Interactive Media in London. I am willing to take your story further and film a documentary about your everyday.
Please contact me for more information: or 07580750213

With kind regards,
Zoltan Banfi

Jul 20, 2014
Great stuff NEW
by: Anonymous

Sounds like an AWESOME idea, Goodluck!

Sep 28, 2013
Excellent NEW
by: Avion

I love the Theme/Subject and I think it would be a great documentary.

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