How do I get people's permission to use their photos in my documentary

by John Ortega
(Phoenix AZ)

Question: Many of the photos I want to use in my documentary were taken by my father while he was in the service during WW II. Most were taken overseas in the Pacific theater. Some were taken at his base which no longer exists. How can I possibly find these people to get their ok?

Desktop Documentaries: Hi John. Thanks for your question. That's admirable that you want to get permission from all the people in the photos, but that is not necessary. The main issue is who owns the photographs. As long as you have permission from your father to use the photos, you're good to go.

What's the documentary? Sounds interesting! Would you like to send us 1-2 photo samples that we can post on this page? If so, send to and we'll get it posted.

Good luck John!

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