How To Find Funding For Documentary on Extremism in Pakistan

by Rizwan Sherwani
(Lahore, Pakistan)

Question: I am conducting a research on a very relevant and impelling topic regarding rise of extremism & militancy in Pakistan and its connection with the religious economy of this region. From the initially gathered information on this account, I am highly enthusiastic to make a documentary on the subject which I believe would be extremely interesting for global viewership. Please advise me a source of funding for the documentary.

Rizwan Sherwani
Lahore, Pakistan

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Thank you Rizwan for your question.

As you seek funding for your documentary, think about specific persons or organizations you can "partner" with who have a similar goal and interest as you: "the rise of extremism & militancy in Pakistan". Your fundraising success is directly tied to your ability to focus in on individuals who care as much about this subject as you do.

A great place to start is The Foundation Center. They have a huge database of foundations and organizations that give money to various causes. Type in "extremism, military, Pakistan, film" and you will start to get a picture of what groups have supported film or media projects in the past on that subject.

Another idea to start drawing supporters toward you is to create a Facebook page and start writing a blog. People will be searching for your topic and will land on your pages. Build relationships, tell people about your project and engage them in the filmmaking process. You MUST create a fundraising trailer as soon as possible. People need to see your vision to understand why they should give you money and support.

If you plan to ask for grant money, a proposal/business plan and a documentary budget are must-have items.

There are many many more tips and strategies how to raising money for a documentary in the Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit.

I hope those few tips are helpful! Let us know in the comment section below if you have any additional questions or feedback.

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