Hunger Game | Documentary Idea

by Josh Hebert
(Birmingham, AL, USA )

"Hunger Game" Documentary Synopsis: Unemployment is a terrible reality of the current unstable economy. The goal of the documentary is to shine light on the unemployment epidemic and the power of incentive.

The documentary follows four people from different backgrounds and levels of education competing to be the first contestant to get a job.

The contestants followed will need to have been on unemployment for over a year. If they are the first to get a job that covers their current expenses, they will receive a cash prize of $20,000.

The opportunity for that amount of life-changing money will provide ample motivation for once discouraged unemployed workers to make a difference for themselves and their family.

The documentary will first follow the election process of the four people being chosen and how they carry out their day to day lives, the amount of jobs they apply for, and how their money is spent.

Next the donor of the $20,000 cash prize will be interviewed and discuss his thoughts on unemployment and solutions. Then, the four contestants will be called at midnight all at the same time informing them that at the beginning of the following day they will have the opportunity for a $20,000 cash prize if they are able to get a job that covers there current expenses before the other three contestants. This process will show that with the right incentive, action follows.

A friend of mine graduated college in 2008 at the beginning of the worst recession since the depression. Over the last four years he has had five different jobs and never once left one without already being offered at the next. He now makes double what he made when he first got out of college.

Another friend dropped out of school and now makes more than a lot of other buddies that finished school after jumping multiple jobs to become a limo driver in Vegas. These type of stories along with others will be intertwined with the following of the contestants.

With the motivation to succeed and a level of flexibility, you can achieve and work in this country…Today.

Imagine if the government, instead of keeping people on unemployment for upwards of two years, gave an incentive program based on how quickly the person was able to find a job.

The "Hunger Game" documentary shows that perception and complacency can be a determining factor in how we live our daily lives and what lifestyle we are willing to accept. The most effective way of moving people in the right direction is not handing them a crutch but an incentive.

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Nov 08, 2012
relevant NEW
by: Desktop Documentaries

This is a great documentary idea! Love the tie-in with the movie, "Hunger Games". This is a relevant and interesting topic and you've put a fun spin on it to make it entertaining while at the same time addressing a very serious issue. I might also suggest including a "welfare/unemployment" expert.

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