International Inter-Cultural Arranged Marriage | Documentary Idea

by Juan Carlos Castillo
(Salt Lake City, Utah/Dr. Miguel Silva, Michoacan Mexico)

I am an educated American man that is about to marry a girl from a rural village in Mexico and bring her back to the States. It's a semi-arranged marriage. I met the girl in the village where my ex-patriot mother lives.

We've only met a handful of times. And with the strong encouragement of my family (although it's kept secret from hers) but have decided to go forward with getting married. She comes from a home that has no electricity and showers with cold water and a bucket. She's never seen an escalator of movie theatre, so there will be a huge cultural shift for her moving to Salt Lake City.

This is a fascinating cultural experiment/study. It's also my life...

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Hi Juan, Thanks for sharing your documentary idea with us. This topic brings up some serious legal/ethical concerns.

You say that it's a secret to the girl and her family that you are moving forward with this marriage. Are you paying the family a dowry? Does the girl want to marry you?

How old is the young woman?

What is the purpose for wanting to marry this girl? Are you "saving her" from the poverty?

Is this a "forced marriage" or simply and "inter-cultural marriage" between two consenting adults?

Why is your family supportive of this marriage?

The issue of international inter-cultural marriage & arranged marriages certainly has some compelling elements for a documentary.

Please do respond back so that we can more fully understand your situation. Click the link below "Click here to post comments."

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