Interracial Marriages - is society really ok with it | Documentary Idea

by Ann
(North Carolina)

I am the product of an African American, Irish, Spanish, English and American Indian father and a Caucasian Italian Mother. I am married to a Caucasian( French and Swedish) husband and have 2 children. Both of my children look completely Caucasian having no African American features.

My husband is White Anglo Saxon Protestant and is a member of a United Methodist Church in the south. We live in a predominately white upper middle class neighborhood and attend a church which is ultra rich and conservative. The pastor preaches weekly about loving each other and the church even has a black sister church. However, my children are excluded by others once they realize that I am their mother. This also happens in the community at large.

I know there are other couples out there like me and my husband who's children can more than pass for another race. I want to show the impact this has on children and the adults. This documentary might expel some myths about mixed race children and educate society about how genetics play a role in our appearance despite what we " racially " are.

I really want to ( take the hat off so to speak) and expose how people feel about race mixing as I have seen people embrace black couples ( not at the church per say - but in our neighborhood, but not embrace mixed race families.

As a twist, I would like to challenge people who are against the idea of race mixing to submit to a DNA test to gain a better perspective of what their background and to show how unimportant race can essentially become.

I have had problems attaching pictures of my family to show how fair my children are and how dark I am and have been unsuccessful. If anyone is interested in this idea, please comment below with your contact information and I will forward you pictures as I hope to get more families similar to my own in appearance for this documentary.

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Sep 25, 2020
Thank you all
by: Ann

I am so sorry it has taken years for me to get back to everyone. Your thoughts and ideas are appreciated. However, there is new light that I want to shed on this subject. Please follow for more info.

Jun 02, 2019
Interracial marriages

This story line really resonates with me. It's such a compelling issue that deserves shading more light on. I am so much interested to learn more. Please share the beautiful photos of your family. I can't wait to see them.

Dec 10, 2018
by: Joyce

The black race tends to accept white race more than the white race accepting the black race. I like to marry a white man, not found one yet but this myth is scary

Apr 19, 2017
id like to do a documentary on this
by: Alexandra sierra gongora

This seems like a real interesting subject to create a documentary with. If you are still willing to send the photos to me my email is

Nov 19, 2016
An intolerant society
by: Anonymous

Being a flower child of the 60's-70's who was considered white on my birth certificate, but is actually Spanish/Mexican, I grew up in a pretty non-prejudice environment; that is until I had a child with an African-American man. Most of my Spanish family and so-called childhood friends had ostracized me; I broke the taboo of mixing races. My daughter was the epitome of beauty and confusion. She didn't know what tribe she actually belonged to; because that's what society is all about - ecological tribes. It's an ancient science - the relationship of organisms and their environment. What tribe is most accepting and the least hostile. There were times when I tried to hide the fact that I had a bi-racial child, by not talking about her ethnicity with work colleagues just so I could be accepted by them -- again trying to fit in a particular tribe. Now, my daughter is married to an African-American man, has 3 beautiful daughters and is happy in her own skin - she found her tribe. But i'm still struggling with the mindset that race is still such a big issue for most white people. I've always wanted to discuss this topic in a townhall setting, but I think making a documentary about this very sensitive subject can shed more light on how to overcome age-old taboos, and see that the human race is one race worth fighting for. It's time to see beyond the color of flesh. Intolerance should only belong to food & chemical reactions. Being tolerant is just another way of saying, I'm okay as long as you don't get in my way!

In closing, I am a grant writer/consultant and would love to participate in seeking funds to help produce a vid-doc. Contact me:

May 24, 2016
Interracial marriage
by: ChiChi

I was married to a white man up until his timely death 10 years ago. We had one son. When my son was born I was always asked is that your child as if I was his nanny because I am dark skin. My husband was never asked that question. To this day I am still asked is that your son since he is lighter than me.

Oct 28, 2015
Mixed Race
by: Oyetayo Raymond Ojoade

Hi my name is Oyetayo Raymond Ojoade and I am a filmmaker of a mixed race family as well. My mother is Trinidadian and my father Nigerian. I was born in Nigeria and moved to Trinidad as an adult. I have been making documentaries for over ten years now.

Race is eating into my flesh now. It is time to rise up and defend our race. I am thinking of working on a new documentary called 'RACE' in the Caribbean. Please send me pictures of your family.

Would you be interested in being interviewed on Skype when I am ready to start working on my new documentary?

My email is and my contact is 1-868-736-6530. I am anxious to speak to you about race and to share the difficulties I experience living in Trinidad.

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