Journey Of A Lifetime | Documentary Idea

by David Henderson
(Lafayette, IN, U.S.A.)

When you were a kid, I assume that you, like me dreamed big. Some wanted to be firefighters, astronauts, doctors, actors... You get the point. Well the fact is most of us aren't these glorious things. most of us are just normal. Like me. I'm a 25 year old Army veteran, twice divorced, and living back in my hometown of Lafayette Indiana. I work a boring job, and outside of my friends, and my father there isn't a whole lot for me here. Thats why I want to go for a walk. More than that, I want to walk towards my dream. When some were dreaming about space, fame, and fortune as a child, All I ever wanted to do was work for a major music label.

I don't have any music degrees, or fancy paper to make me qualified. What I do have is a passion for the art, a keen ear for talent, and all of the determination to get there. On foot. My plan is to walk straight out of my factory ridden midwestern hometown all the way to Epitaph Records in LA. 2105 miles on foot. My hope is that on my journey I'll be able to accomplish a few things not only for myself, but for communities across the country. I'll try to make contact with Epitaph executives along the way, and I'll use my free time to learn every thing I can about the industry. I'll ask that people pledge money per mile on different legs of my journey, and use that money to help support public school music programs in need that are on my route.

I believe that it will be a true journey of self discovery. A challenge both physically and mentally. But, when I reach those doors at Epitaph Records I'll be ready. Wether or not I get the job of my dreams, This journey will change my life.

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Dec 31, 2014
by: Harley Breanne

this is amazing. you are truely inspiring :)

Jun 18, 2014
Don't Try, Do
by: Robert

Hi David,

Start. Otherwise you'll never complete your journey. And remember what Yoda said (if you saw Start Wars), "Do or do not. There is no try."

Jun 13, 2014
Hello David
by: Shira

Have you done your journey already?
I am not in the U.S. but if you'd need help with video editing, I can help out.
Good luck and take care,

Mar 14, 2014
by: Thomas Shanahan

Best of luck with your journey. It sounds like an amazing story!

Dec 15, 2013
by: DavidHendu

Thank you for your support! I've actually been planning on doing this for several years, but the timing has never been quite right. From my meticulous planning, I've figured out that from start to finish with filming ect... It will take just under 4 months. My hope is the same as yours, a film maker with a knack for adventure will see this post and contact me about it. I'd love for this to be made into a documentary not only about my journey towards my dreams, but also about the state of the music industry as a whole. I feel it in my bones that the quirky, lighthearted, and inspirational nature of the film would make it lucrative for a film crew to take on. Regardless if I can get a team together, I'm leaving at the beginning of May 2014. I'll document in some capacity, But it would be amazing if I could get a crew with a vision. Again, thanks for the encouraging words. I'll check back often.

Dec 15, 2013
do it!
by: Desktop Documentaries (Faith)

Hi David, Thanks for sharing your dreams and your documentary idea with us. Sounds like an amazing journey. You must do this! Perhaps there will be a filmmaker who reads this who will want to document your journey. Whether or not that happens, make sure to take along a mini-camera and document your journey (record your thoughts, fears, dreams, ups and downs.. the people you meet along the way). At the end, it will be fun for you or someone else to put it all together in a story.

Have you set a date yet to launch your journey? Please check back here and keep us posted!

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