Looking for a camera, do you know much about Panasonic SD90?

by Sarah
(Sydney, Australia)

I browsed shops for cameras yesterday and the Panasonic SD90K was recommended by a guy who sounded like he knew his stuff. It was $654 in the shop, but when I googled it the prices range from $455 through to about $765.

I took advice from this website about what features to look for. This one had a hole for a mic, good low light, good ...um... movement? (Ie, if the camera moves suddenly the picture doesn't go blurry). It is HD. The guy even said it could record 3D, but i could see no use for that feature with what i want to do.

I really am just after a decent camera, reasonably priced, which i can use to shoot footage indoors and outdoors and even in a boat from time to time.

The guy said this camera is quite popular, and is good value for a mid-range camera

Would love to know what others think? I have looked at some reviews which all seem to be quite positive, but if i were to spend that money, would i spend less for the same quality camera that does not boast being able to record in 3D?

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Comments for Looking for a camera, do you know much about Panasonic SD90?

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Jan 31, 2012
not quite sure
by: Desktop Documentaries

Hey Sarah!
Good to see you back! Not sure how much help I can be on this one. The main thing that concerns me is audio. To get good sound you really need a camera with a mic input so that you can plug in an external microphone. (I have no idea about the 3D thing)

Here's a recent Q&A that came in from a visitor with a similar situation and you can see all the great suggestions and feedback he gets:

Advice for Buying a Camcorder for Documentary Filmmaking

Also, have you tried the forums at DVXuser.com and Creative Cow? You might be able to get some good feedback there as well.

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