Love Respect and Happiness | Documentary Idea

by Ricardo
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Hi there, my name is Ricardo and I would like to share a quick idea with you about a Documentary that I would like to make but I need your help.

The documentary is about Love Respect and happiness.

This documentary is a tiny particle of a big project, and hopefully I can share with you.

Why Love Respect and Happiness you ask, and why would I like to share it with the world.

This documentary originated from a powerful awakening and a realization that I had which then guided me to understanding my purpose. When I realized that all my life experiences had happened so ‘perfectly’, so that today I could share it with the world, I couldn’t go past the thought of making this amazing documentary.

I Believe that for you to find your purpose in Life you must first Live, experience and give Love Because it is Love that ultimately makes you happy, and its through Happiness that you find your purpose – why do I say this? Because that’s how I found mine and you are no different then me and you need Love just as much as I Do. Why? Because we are all here to be Happy.

So imagine if we could give people these powerful tools so that everyone can share Love so that everyone can be Happy so that we are all living a PURPOSEFULL LIFE.

So just to finish off ill leave you with this thought….

What is Love to you? More specifically how do you show yourself, your family, your friends, your partners and all other beings Love. Do you feel Loved and are you Happy?

This is what I would like to share with people a simple ‘Formula’ that can change the world, and it will change the way you share and spread your Love. It has completely changed my life.

I thought I Lived a Happy Life. Now I Live a Loving Happy Purposeful Life and you can too.

If you are interested in knowing more about my journey and want to Help, please don’t hesitate.
Much Love Namaste

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Aug 19, 2022
Lack of love
by: Site Visitor

I really liked what was said about love bringing happiness and it resonates not because I have it but because I have been trying to learn to live without it. Trying to navigate a loveless life and the depression that ensues, the loneliness, the hurt, the despair, the longing. My experience is from the other side and the longing to gain what is missing and want to understand how to get there. I want to share my experiences because I feel that I am not alone and people like me account for the majority of those suffering in mental health and other societal issues that ensue when you live a life without the live and support that every human needs to be happy and find life worth living and the effects that it has on one’s life and function can be nothing short of living hell, feeling disconnected from the rest of the world and unworthy. Please if you tell your side of the story, of love and of happiness, please also tell the other side, what it’s like for those living without it and what can be done

Jun 27, 2022
nice documentary
by: drexlher

thanks for your idea Ricardo i finally have an idea to make my activity in mini-documentary thanks a lot and God bless

Jun 05, 2020
Can I use the same theme
by: Monika

Can I use the same theme

Aug 28, 2018
by: Jyoti

Hey Ricardo, I really like your ideas and the way you've expressed your thoughts. I want to know if you still are looking for anybody to help you with your documentary.
Please reply to me on my email i. e,

Thank you

Feb 24, 2015
by: Kathy S.

Beautiful Ricardo. Thank you.

Feb 24, 2015
Thanks for the question
by: Ricardo

Hey there appreciate your interest, I am new to this so bare with me.

When I talk about formula I don't mean a number Formula, just 10 simple love principles that if practiced everyday like any other habit in life, we can learn to love ourselves more, be better lovers towards others and all, and live a more happy and fulfilling life were growth is welcomed and Love is Practiced.

These are the Love and respect Principles that I came to realize makes other people Happy.

COMMUNICATION in a loving positive and caring way
UNDERSTANDING always trying to really understand others and help where you can
LISTENING with an open heart
AKNOWLEDGING people, animals, plants.
SUPPORTING others to be the best they can be
ENCOURAGING people on their journey to becoming their best
CARING to always show genuine care
AFFECTION to always try and give affection when possible
GUIDANCE specially as kids it is CRUCIAL
GIVE to give without expecting anything in return.


Do you COMMUNICATE with a person a dog or a plant, do it in a Loving caring way.

Do you always seek to UNDERSTAND a person a dog or a plant, a lot of us don't so learn more about them, spend time with them and try and help if need be.

Apply the rest of the Love principles in your everyday life and watch your life change.

They say your happiness depends on what you think; so if you are always thinking of how you can love yourself more or your partner or your kid, or animal or plant, how much Happier do you think you will be:)

This is what I would like to share with people because its in these little things that lays some of the greatest joys in life.


Feb 23, 2015
The Secret
by: Desktop Documentaries

Thanks Ricardo for your documentary idea. Are you envisioning something like "The Secret"?

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