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by Francis Kharbyngar

This is Francis, one of your desktop documentaries subscribers. I am making a documentary on fashion and the documentary is the story of a young woman who just won a local Fashion Pageantry.

I want to show her story, right from the time she started in the fashion industry till the time she won the Title Miss Shillong (Meghalaya, India). But am a little confused oh how to start the documentary. I was thinking if I could ask the Model herself to host the documentary and take the viewers on a journey of her life. This way she will host the documentary and also promote the fashion culture in the State of Meghalaya. Will that be a good move?

I request you to please suggest me some more ideas that will help me with my project.

Thanking You


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Hi Francis,

Thank you for reaching out and for your question.

Have you already been shooting footage of this woman's journey or are you just starting your film from scratch?

If you are just starting from scratch, what I might suggest is to interview this young woman on camera and have her tell her story from start to finish (make sure to use a professional microphone!). And then use photos and footage from her life to edit on top of her voice.

Once you do the interview with her and she tells her story, she could go around and interview others in the fashion industry. So in that way, she would act somewhat as a host. Does that make sense?

Please feel free to leave any follow-up comments or questions below.

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Apr 13, 2014
Thank you
by: Francis Kharbyngar

Thank you so much for your valuable suggestion. This is going to help me big time. Since i just started in the film business so i hope you don`t mind if i step in and ask for more suggestions in the future?

Thank you & Regards
Francis Kharbyngar

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