Matero: A City Within A City | Documentary Idea

by Brim Lombe
(Lusaka, Zambia)

I am an upcoming film maker and I would love to do a documentary on a township in my country called Matero.

This is a place that people know to be a bad place in all areas. It is infamous because this is where all illicit activities such as crime, drug selling and abuse, forgery and fraudulent activities take place. It is called city within a city because it is a township which has everything that a city has.

This township is blessed with hospitals, courts, a police station, super markets, churches, night clubs,secondary schools, national and international stadia, play parks etc. It is a place that is associated with any negative things imaginable.

People come to this place for fake drivers licenses, university degrees and many other counterfeit products.

However, despite a bad name it has am thinking why cant government infiltrate these skilled and talented people with sophisticated minds to make equipment that can forge university degrees, national identity cards, drivers licenses and other counterfeit products into a proper and transparent system like the ministry of science, vocation and technology.

Government can train these people and help them establish themselves in society where they will be doing clean businesses and be able to contribute to the development of the country through paying taxes.

I want to work on a documentary that looks at this ugly matero now and how a re-branded one would help develop this country.

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