Mission for Michelle | Documentary Idea

by Michelle Rode
(Bandera, TX)

Submitted: August 11, 2019

Hello, my name is Michelle Rode I am an 8-year female combat veteran who struggles with PTSD/ addiction and other mental health diagnoses.

I want to share my story; A Mission for Michelle written by a true warrior (myself).

I have a powerful story that I am continuing to work on every day and just want it heard; I have a passion for helping people and myself along the way.

My intent is to share through a documentary, and eventually a movie after I continue to heal, in order to heal I need to go back to Oregon.

I relapsed after having 638 days of sobriety I did many drugs in a short amount of time and almost lost everything including my life.

I went to Oregon; I almost lost my life but a friend, kept me safe and made sure I made it back home to my family.

Now I am at Warrior’s Heart- PTSD, Addiction and Chemical Dependency Treatment for Active Military, Veterans, and First Responders. It is a great place with many amazing people. I feel like I need to get back to Oregon and find that missing foggy, scary, puzzle piece that is missing. Nothing against this place, I need to follow my gut and continue to heal my brain where my last episode began and was triggered. I am very creative but here I am having a creative block. I have permission to leave to get care in Ashland Oregon where this all happened.

My idea is to travel from the state of Texas hit the west coast and travel north passing through some of the highest population of homeless people, homeless veterans, and displaced persons; giving them the opportunity to share their stories and experiences and struggles to gain an understanding of addiction, struggle and resilience.

Email: Michelle.Rode012@gmail.com

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