Mount Everest + Rhinos | Documentary Idea

by Richard Smith
(Canada, Stony Plain)

I have two passions in life; animal awareness and the dream and aspiration to climb Everest.

My idea for a documentary is to climb Mt. Everest in 2016 and use the state of the GoPro cam to document every step of the climb, literally. The climax will be the live telephone broadcast from the summit once/if reached. The idea here is to produce a documentary that documents the daily climb and struggle people face while climbing Everest; not just the summit push. The ultimate aim is to take people on a ride of al lifetime as they follow a multiple part documentary covering every single aspect one could imagine when climbing this mountain.

So how does animal awareness come in to it? I will be making this climb on behalf of, and with the desire to bring awareness to the plight of the rhinos. At the end of each day, I will plug why we must save the rhinos, and the issues they face.

One problem I face is that although I have the desire to climb Everest, I know nothing about media. So am currently looking for someone who is in the media field, or media studies that wants to help make this documentary with me.

The other issue I face here is funding, I am actively looking for funding, as Everest is not cheap. This doesn’t mean I am simply looking for money to fulfill my dream; I am currently saving as much as I am able on my own.

So right now I am stuck in limbo, I have this idea, but without a partner in media to help make it, as well as the lack of financial sponsorship.

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May 01, 2015
great idea
by: brian merlen

if you could fund a camera man I'm in and can cut it too? let me know?

Aug 27, 2014
Some insight into what its like actually climbing Everest in rhino suits
by: Gretchen

Hi Richard

Great idea! I know a group of people that did exactly this - they climbed to Everest Base Camp (not all the way to the top) in Rhino onesies to raise funds and awareness for the Stop Rhino Poaching initiative.
Here's a link to their story that was published in a South African travel magazine:

If you'd like to find out more I'll send you their contact details, I'm sure they'd love to share their experience with you.

I'm a South African from Nelspruit - a city on the fringes of the Kruger National Park. I know Park rangers that face the realities of poaching on a weekly basis. I also know a family that raise rhino calves, orphaned as a result of poachers' greed.

I hope reading about my friends' Everest/Rhino adventure will give you the inspiration and motivation to live your dream and achieve your goal.
There can never be enough done to raise awareness on the horrors of rhino poaching.


Sep 23, 2013
keep moving
by: Desktop Documentaries (Faith)

Hi Richard, Very inspiring and worthy goal. Thank you for sharing. My biggest advice is to keep moving forward. The right people will find you at the right time. Keep sharing your story, your passion.. and have the determination that you will make it happen whether or not anyone else comes forward to help. People will be attracted to that determination and will naturally want to join you.

If you hear yourself saying "if only", get rid of that mentality. "If only I was smarter..", "If only I had a million dollars...", "If only.."

Change your mindset to "HOW can I make this happen."

Tell the world you are doing this thing and that you KNOW a media person and the funding will find you. You may not know exactly how that's going to happen, but move forward as if it will and start listing all the ways that it CAN happen!

So sharing your story on sites like this one is moving in the right direction. Start a blog, share your dream with friends and colleagues, attend film festivals and other events where "media" people hang out. Learn about fundraising. Share your dream on forums with others who are passionate about saving the rhinos. The key is to share your story far and wide and watch for those who are naturally drawn to help you. Don't tell people what you DON'T have, tell them what you DO have (a dream, a gopro and $100!). When you move forward with passion, faith and determination, magic happens.

Good luck!

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