My Father Is An Alcoholic | Documentary Idea

by KZ

I want to make a documentary about my 45 year old father. He is a serious alcoholic and has been homeless most of his life. Living on the streets and out of bins. He looks 60-70 years old.

He has been stabbed several times and hospitalised more than 100. He has epileptic fits from not drinking and has tried methylated spirits and all other forms of alcohol.

The doco would be to get to the bottom of why he is the way he is. I will interview his doctors and family members including ex wife and 3 children, to see how this has affected their lives.

I will touch on how alcoholism is a problem in the community in which we live and I will interview his other alcoholic friends to see their point of view.

I want to make the film over two years to capture all of his incidents with the law and hospitalisation from falls and altercations etc. All of his "friends" are dying one by one so I would like to have an intervention with him after 1 year and come back one year later to see if he has stuck with the plan or gone back to his old ways...I'm not even sure he will last the 2 years.

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May 01, 2021
by: Komeil


Can you update if you have made it or hows the process now? I will be happy to help you on this project if still available

Mar 17, 2013
by: Desktop Documentaries

This is a really tragic story and I commend you for wanting to bring this story to light. In doing so, perhaps others can be inspired to turn their lives around before it's too late. We wish you much luck in your endeavors. Thanks for sharing and please keep us posted on how things develop.

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