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The National Cancer Institute has free downloadable medical scenes for use in media projects. The NCI Office of Media Relations maintains, and frequently updates, a collection of B-roll video depicting various areas of research at NCI.

All video is free of copyright, and available to illustrate stories about cancer research and treatment. Please credit the National Cancer Institute for use. If you have trouble downloading clips, contact the NCI Office of Media Relations to request a DVD.

NCI B-roll is available in the following categories:

General NCI Footage: Includes footage of NCI facilities, and historical footage of President Nixon signing the National Cancer Act in 1971.

Cancer Cells and Genetics: Includes footage of normal and cancer cells, labs conducting genetic research, and explanations of proteomics and molecular aspects of cancer.

Lab Research: Includes footage of various laboratories, including cancer vaccine research, natural products, and HIV imaging.

Detection: Includes footage of film and digital mammography, MRI, ovarian palpation, sigmoidoscopy, a digital rectal exam, chest X-ray, spiral CT, and a pap test.

Treatment: Includes footage of robot-assisted surgery, radiation treatments, and chemotherapy administration.

Preview clips are also available on the NCI Media Relations YouTube channel.

For more information, visit the National Cancer Institute's website:

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