Nikon 5200 vs Canon T3i for Shooting Video

by Aurora
(North Idaho, USA)

Question: I am looking for help on deciding which camera to buy for starting out shooting video: Nikon 5200 or the Canon T3i. I have done regular photography in the past with decent success and always favored Nikon cameras but it seems like the Canon is the much more popular choice for video. Is this true? I know, I hate camera questions myself but felt I better swallow my pride before spending a bunch of money.

Answer from Scott at

Hi Aurora. Unless you are doing a detailed review of the cameras, it's likely that you will not notice much difference. And it is even more likely that your audience won't care what camera you used.

In your case, I would go with the Nikon 5200 simply because (I assume) you already have Nikon lenses.

Your lens choice is more important than your camera choice. Cameras will come and go. Your lenses can stay with you for a lifetime.

Hope this helps. Please leave any follow-up questions below.


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