Old Testament America | Documentary Idea

by Michael Hall
(Thetford, Norfolk, United Kingdom)

As an Atheist and as an outsider who lives in the birth place of a certain Thomas Payne in England I have always been fascinated by America's obsession with religion.

For a Christian country in which many seem to have an unhealthy obsession with the old testament. How this obsession has moulded its history, its present, and where it could lead the country to in the future. How this attitude affects their belief with healthcare, welfare, liberal freedoms and firearms and a miriad of other attitudes.

The promised land view and the near demigod like view of their founding fathers.

And does the US really have much in common with liberal, ungodly Europe. Or does have much more in common with Israel?

Why a modern democracy has such a deep seated obsession with all the death and destruction of the old testament. And is it healthy.

Intended to be an exploration of their attitudes, in a entertaining and informative way rather than over-delving to deeply into the subject.

Old Testament attitude differences between north and south and the Middle.

I want to explore why the old testament play such a large part in American Christianity, poverty, democrat and republican, rich and poor and the death penalty.

I suspect if the old testament was removed from american christianity attitudes, divisive subjects like welfare and the death penalty would also change, or maybe mellow.

Should Christian America dump the old testament, would the USA be a better place for it?

So many subjects can also be explored in relation to Americas attitude.

I think this would make a very interesting and thought provoking documentary.

Or does America NOT have this obsession at all?

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