Olympic Dreams | Documentary Idea

by Tom Stevens

For many people particularly armchair athletes, participating in the Olympics is the ultimate dream. Most will never attain that dream.

Although there have been many issues surrounding the Olympics, (politics, drugs, cheating), The dream encompasses all that is good about mankind (comradery, sportsmanship, the pursuit of excellence).

The story of the Kenyan cross country skiers and the Jamaican bob sled team are to me just as intriguing as the story of Husein Bolt or Cassius Clay.

In sport as in life, every so often there is a confluence of events or characters that defies the odds. That would be the gist of this story leading up to the Olympics.

My eldest daughter happens to have athletic friends. A lot of them. In different sports.

She has played high level hockey and soccer since she was a child. She was one of the "usual suspects", who appeared in every team photo at school (often as City champions). Now she and her friends are in the early stage of pursuing the Olympic dreams.

Brief bios of her and some of her friends. All of them are 18 years old. All live within a few blocks of each other:

One of her best friends - Just been invited to Rugby Canada central camp, to train and hopefully lead towards the Olympics.

A guy who has been a schoolmate since kindergarten - Is the #1 ranked junior cyclist in Canada and has a cycling scholarship.

One of her very good friends (lives 10 houses away) - Was recruited by hundreds of schools for basketball. Chose to stay in Canada.

My daughter has been accepted into an early identification and streaming program for rowing.

The story line would trace their development as athletes, as friends and ultimately their chase of the Olympic dream. It would interview them, their families, their friends who are just friends and their friends who are also athletes (soccer, hockey etc).

What drives them?
What inspires them?
What adversities will they face?
Will any of them ultimately make it to the Olympics?

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Aug 08, 2013
Olympic dream
by: Carl

Great idea, follow your dream, a couple a years to complete, no problem.

Aug 02, 2013
How long will filming last?
by: Anonymous

Hi Tom, how old are the kids now? How long would the filming need to last in order to tell each story? Sounds like it may take years of filming to do this.


Aug 01, 2013
Olympic Dreams
by: Desktop Documentaries

Great idea!

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