Open Letter to Help The People Of The Philippines | Documentary Idea

by Bathsheba Miller
(Tolleson AZ USA)

"Philippines Typhoon 2013" Courtesy Flickr: CAFOD Photo Library

This letter is to anyone who can help me get involved in helping out in the Philippines. I have a great idea to get a hand full of people like me who are just stuck in the life and don't know what to do or how to do it, who have big hearts and the soul to help others in need.

I was thinking a documentary. We help out others in need but also learn about ourselves and how to help our souls become better. I am writing as many company's as I can. I think there more people out there who want to help but are stuck in there own head too much and don't know how to start. I sent this letter below to the Ellen show....

Dear Ellen,
I moved to AZ 9 months ago to change myself and my quality of life. but since I have been here it seems I am just getting lonelier and more closed off. I have always loved people and being a helper/healer/listener. But maybe moving wasn't the answer, we have a great home and my bf of 5 years got a great job. but me, well I think of all theses great ideas and want to do something but I don't have the ummph to get off the sofa and try. I do love watching your show. you always say be kind to one another, so I want to do that. so here is my question. I wanna open up my home, myself, my love of people. Is there any way your show can do this but in a way of helping the people of the Philippines. I don't care what I do, go over there and help clean up, or staying here and doing something ANYTHING. I can offer 4 bedrooms with beds and 2 baths for people to stay at in their travels to and from the Philippines. Ellen I cant stop crying at every news report I watch and wonder how I can be so selfish in all the letters I wrote you about my needs. So now I want to give my whole self in helping anyway I can. Ellen Please see what you can come up with I WANT TO HELP in anyway I can.

So please give this some thought and maybe we together can come up with a great show/DOC with even better results.

Thanks Beth
Trying to make a change.

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Sep 20, 2015
Up for it
by: Mary

Hello Beth

I hope that I am not too late with this reply. I am a Creative Producer who is planning on doing a documentary on the aftermath of the typhoon. It is amazing to have such a compassionate individual like you. Let me know if you are interested with a collaboration.


Jan 25, 2015
how can i be of help
by: Bernie

I am a high school teacher here in the Philippines handling Media Arts, a special curriculum in our school. We are making short stories and documentaries for school viewing and school competitions. Thank you for your concern in our country. I am here and I really want to do something that may be of help to our people. I share your concern. Let me know how can i be of help. Thank you.

Oct 18, 2014
Thank you
by: tasya

Thank you for the kindness that you want to share to my country, the Philippines. Indeed, a good heart can change a life. There was a time when I was waiting for the bus, I saw this father together with daughter pushing a cart, selling buko (young coconut) juice, under the heat of the sun. And asked the father why his daughter is not attending school where she is supposed to be that time. And he said, they just arrived in the city, and selling juice in the street can not sustain the schooling needs of his children. The two of them looked very tired, the girl was wearing worn-out clothes and slippers. I was so touched and I fell so sorry about them. How I wish I am a rich person, so I can help the poor child with her schooling needs but I am just a minimum wage earner. Silently, I just prayed for her that somehow the family will meet someone who has all the capability of assisting them financially

Nov 14, 2013
I am interested.
by: Avion Anderson

It is sad to hear about the Philippines, but yes, I think I documentary series will help...

Nov 14, 2013
community documentary
by: Desktop Documentaries (Faith)

Hello Bathsheba, Thanks for sharing your letter. We are all heartbroken by the devastation of the typhoon. It is true that when a big disaster hits such as the typhoon in the Philippines, we want to do something and as one person, it's hard to know WHAT to do. You have so eloquently expressed that in your letter, opened up your heart, which we greatly appreciate. We are intrigued by your idea of an "open source documentary". Can you elaborate a bit more on your idea? What are you envisioning?

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