PATM (People Are Allergic To Me) Is It Real? | Documentary Idea

by Jackie Blackman
(Los Angeles, CA, U.S.)

For more than 30 years I have been suffering from an illness that was coined in 2007 by someone who thought that people were allergic to them. Well this documentary would follow someone who actually has proof of this strange condition, me.

Devastating is probably the best term that I can use to describe the constant rejection one feels when being in public. Constant coughing, ugly glares and comments.

I actually had a couple of people run from me. I guess the odor was just that bad. The reactions vary from person to person. For some it is just a mild cough and for others it's as if they were about to lose a lung! This is a serious problem and no doctor has gotten a handle on it.

I am part of a group on the website. Just type in patm for others with this disability. The stories are gut wrenching as well as mine which I won't get into at the moment.

It would be great if a documentary student or professional would take this challenging project on. Follow the daily life of someone that deals with constant rejection and hatred on a daily basis.

Oh, by the way I will be homeless in 3 weeks because of this disease.

Submitted Sept 16, 2014

Thanks to all those who participated!

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Dec 10, 2015
by: Desktop Documentaries


Your stories and insights are greatly appreciated and will be very helpful to any filmmaker who decides to take on this topic. This page is no longer accepting new comments due to the time management required to monitor/manage new comments. The only (possible) exception is if you have information specifically relating to a documentary being made on this topic.

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Dec 10, 2015
People are allergic to me
by: Sadness

Finally! I found this discussion!
Hello Guys just try to understand my english, because Im not good in English..Hope you will understand what I am saying. Because I really need your help sad
So Let's Get started...
Im 17 yrs old(Male, 6'1) right now Im CRYING because I dont know what is wrong with me sad . It started when I was 16. I Feel you. I know exactly how u feel. I guess some people smells me bad (most of them are my classmates) [But no one said that I smells bad]. even though I always take a bath 3 times a day, brush my teeth. and I can say that I am very clean person. But I really really dont know what is Wrong with me . People started Sniffs and Sneeze when Im in Public especially in School. And some people (I guess ) they smells me bad. because they cover their nose when I passed them.And when someone sit next to me they take a heavy deep breath(exhale). I ask my Mother, brother, sister, my little cousin if I smells bad and they said " No, " Im scared to ask my classmates if I smells bad because you know its embarass... I dont know what Im going to do because I dont know what is wrong with me. I so very Sad since I experience this, Im so depressed, Im scared to go outside especially in School. I know my classmates talks about me that I smells bad. But I dont smell that thing and besides I dont have a body odor , and you know spend more than 30mins in Shower. And by the way I never use Cigarretes,Drugs, alcoholic beverages. So please guys help me what Im going to do. I Really really need your help. Is anyone found a cure to solve this problem???

Nov 18, 2015
by: Anonymous

Hi yes I had the same thing people used to cough when I walked into a room or when I was on the bus or anything, it got to the point where I wouldnt go on the bus or meet in groups or stand in a lift etc. I also found the law of attraction and watched the film the secret about 50+ times to help me find a better way - it helped massively and now I focus on the positive things in life and move towards that way of thinking and living - in my experience it was due to social anxiety and even today when ever I feel anxious people do cough around me, I now know why they do (well to me anyway) we are vibrational beings who send messages through our minds, I guess the coughing is sending out a frequency that is just way off what is being felt in the room at the time before I walked into it. Since I changed my thoughts it has stopped - hope this helps

Nov 02, 2015
patm fakers
by: Anonymous

"Sparrow", if a cripple were to pretend and explain how a navy seal feels and experience through boot camp and in the battlefields, every navy seal member would know he’s full of shit because he cannot explain something he’s never experienced. If you’re trying to convince patm people that you had patm then you’re definitely failing miserably. Your post is evidence that you never had patm to know what it is. Patm is a biological illness and the most people have come close to healing it is with metronidazole. It stops patm for the duration of the medication cycle and one week after that patm returns with a vengeance. Continues cycle with metronidazole will fade in effectiveness. All psychological help have not helped a single patmer except for the fakers and it’s because patm isn’t a mental illness but a medical condition.

Sep 17, 2015
I don't really understand.
by: Shar57

All though some of you spoke about people sneezing or itching. Most of you spoke about people being offended by your smell. Or a smell YOU thought other could smell when you were near them, or even 50 ft away.
Someone reacting to a smell is not an allergy. That's just someone reacting.
I am allergic to chemicals. All kinds. From too much car exhaust in heavy traffic, to perfumes and such.
Even laundry soaps oozing out of other people clothes.
Their body heat makes the soap fragrence emit from their clothing and makes it even stronger.

When people are in the same room with me, that have lotions on it makes my nose itch my throat and eyes burn. I rub my eyes and face even. It makes my skin burn.

I'm not allergic to the person or even the smells. It the chemicals used that I react too.
Even fragrense free lotion and laundry soaps affect me.

Maybe the peeps you think are reacting to you are reacting to chemicals you use. Or even hair products you use.
Most people dint believe me when I tell them I'm chemically sensitive, so I would never say I don't believe you! But it may not be YOU at all that others are reacting to.
It maybe something you have on.
Take care.
Don't be so hard on your selves.

Sep 01, 2015
New York Film Student
by: Anonymous

Would this documentary have to take place in California? I am based in NY and don't have the budget to make a film where I will be traveling to California for weeks of shooting.

Jul 26, 2015
Its all about manifestation
by: Sparrow

I had this too, but I no longer have it. I am cured. What I've learned is that the mind is extremely powerful. I've only shared this with two people. My mom and my closest sister. My sister was the one that said it was in my mind. But I didn't believe her. She also said I'm sure you feel it is real because you created and manifested into reality. So, I researched this thing about manifestation and law of attraction and how we are creators. Not everything was good information. But, most of it was mind blowing!!

If you think back and be honest with yourself something happened to you that created this patm. For me it started around puberty. My body started changing. I felt stinky and sweaty. I got made fun of by one guy I really liked because of sweat stains. Just lots of things. From there I started thinking every time I smelled bad or people were talking about me. I began to develop social anxiety over time thus still creating bad energy. Bad thoughts and vibrations concentrating on social negative outlooks. I had friends and a great life, but inside I tormented myself till it escalated to patm.

This is what is happening. What we truly concentrate on and breathe life into is what becomes reality. Our minds are that powerful. So I strongly encourage you all to Google law of attraction. Go on YouTube. Research. Then put it into action. It is not enough to just say the words I'm going to be healed or this will go away. You HAVE to speak AND act as if it already is. "I am healed. " I smell fantastic " etc. This will take time. But, you have to believe and truly meditate on good positive thoughts. Reprogram your mind. That is a must and it will take time. Put on that perfume and believe you smell fabulous. Be around people and KNOW the are happy you are there. Don't allow patm to even come into your thoughts!!

Execution!! I went to a bar by myself last night. I looked amazing. I put on Lt Blue. My fav fragrance and meditated on my confidence. Now, the old ME would NEVER EVER go out alone. But, I had a great time. People looked at me like I was a model. The guy that watches the door tried to talk to me. I couldn't even get in without all this attention. I had a guy buy me shots. The amazing part was no one sneezed!!! They got in close and didn't scratch or rubb their nose. I wasn't sweating AT ALL!!! I was.... No I am the way I was wanted. Patm is in the past. Guys I'm telling you. This is from someone who went through some of the same things described in these threads for about 30yrs. I know how you feel. But I'm proof you can beat it. It won't happen overnight so be consistent with the law of attraction and manifestion. Research and apply.

Jul 07, 2015
A gastro problem
by: Beendone

I have had this disorder for two in a half years. I have also done the constant research and also, anonymously reading other suffers stories. As a lot of other people, I as well woke up with this one day out of the blue. I had no idea what was going on because people kept holding and rubbing their noses, coughing, and clearing their throats. It is so embarrassing and everyone who knows me know that I have always been obsessed with clean. A clean house, clean sheets on bed, clean body, teeth, etc. That helped me realize that it is not an odor. Something else I have also noticed that a lot of suffers have gastrointestinal problems. Stomach infections,GERD, etc. I knew that this is the main result. I went to the gastrointestinal doctor, had an E.G.D test preformed, and found out that yes, I indeed have G.E.R.D and it has also caused me to have mild inflammation in my esophagus. However, the biopsy showed no h.pylori, or thrash as the result of this inflammation. Instead, the result of G.E.R.D. Not one single acid reducing medication worked for me. So, I decided to talk it over with my doctor. At the time, I was also suffering from upper abdominal pain. My doctor figured that it must be my gallbladder that was the cause of the acid reflux as well as the pain. Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure was to have surgery and get the organ removed. The result? The pain went away however, the G.E.R.D has not. Lately, I have tried everything. From having two different surgeries, (a tonsilectomy and gallbladder removal), vitamin d pills, probiotics, multi-vitamins, activated charcoal, chlorophyll, no meat diets, exercise, enemas, etc. You've named it, I've done it. I have noticed what helps some through these tedious experiments.
Drinking green tea with lemon before I eat any meal, brushing teeth three times a day, showering twice a day, taking activated charcoal, getting tonsils romoved helped with bad breath, and oddly enough, taking gas pills! Yes, I do believe that it is definitely gas related. And the probiotics helps with me with my I.B.S and sour stomach problems. Activated charcoal helps with controlling the gas in my body as well as aiding with a healthy bowel movement EVERYDAY. Twice a day!

Try seeing a gastrointestinal doctor. Remember to take two activated charcoals a day, drink green tea or chamomile tea. Reduce acidic foods, try black licorice (pills) found at vitamin shops, stay clean as much as possible. Do not use perfumes and fragrant lotions. Stay clean. Have at least two bowel movements a day, sleep and sleep some more, and most importantly,take GAS X pills three times a day! Good luck you guys! I wish you all the best! Remember, you are not alone! We can cure ourselves with each other's help. If you have any questions, my email address is Enjoy life and have faith guys!

Jul 05, 2015
Caused by WHAT???
by: Anonymous

I've had this "condition" for over 2 years, so I know what I'm talking about when I say this:

I used to think that the coughing from other people was caused by some kind of odor I couldn't detect. However, I have found that I could be driving down the street with all my windows closed and see a woman suddenly get a crazy coughing fit.

I believe that this response from other people is caused by certain subconscious THOUGHTS which produce a tickling in a nearby person's throat, sinus, or otherwise. (It can affect people that are up to 100 feet away.) This is because thoughts are PHYSICAL ENERGY that affect the surroundings.

Unfortunately, at least in my experience, I don't know if there is anything that can be done about it except to try to control your thoughts. But thoughts are powerful energy and they will just resurface at a later time. In my experience the symptoms (others coughing) seem to come and go in waves. Different people are affected at different "stages" and different ways. Maybe there will be a day when these waves will just disappear. I know very well for myself that thoughts cannot be controlled, so I'm just waiting it out.

If any one of you is interested, you can test this hypothesis and see if it is true.

Jun 15, 2015
I wanna help

Hi, i'm brazilian and i'm biomedical student, I wanna help everyone here, I wanna learn about PATM e search for methods to understand the pathology.
please, if you wanna talk to me about this,send me a email:

Olá, eu sou estudante de biomedicina e sou brasileiro, queria muito ajudar todos aqui, porém preciso conversar com vocês mesmo que não queiram se identificar, preciso entender e compreender a doença para achar formas de estuda-la e coloca-la em um artigo ou ate mesmo achar uma forma de tratamento. Se você que falar sobre isso me manda um email:

Jun 12, 2015
Living with PATM
by: Bridgett Wings

I am so happy to finally meet some people I can relate to. I've been suffering from PATM for about 4 months now. For me, it literally happened overnight. One day, I was on the train, and I noticed there were some people laughing and taking pictures of me. When I got to work that day, eveyone that came in contact with me started coughing, sneezing and holding their nose. I've went to my doctor and they said everything was fine. I've tried everything from changing the type of soap, detergent, at one point I even start taking about 4-5 showers a day. Now, I refuse to take the public transit because I'm too embarrassed. No-one even talks to me at work anymore, now I'm like the problem no-one wants to acknowledge. I'm such a hard time dealing with this, I cry everyday I go to work. So, the question I really want to ask is, how do you guys deal with having PATM? How do you guys find the confidence to feel good about yourself again?

May 02, 2015
I too am a suffer
by: Dre

I think this would be a great idea. Give these doctors who constantly are making it seem like this is just an ordinary coincidence of paranoia is more to that and perhaps give them some studies to research a solution. I too am a suffer of 10 years, i just remember one day i was fine no anxiety no stress of people reacting to me to simply being overwhelmed of dirty looks,of.guilt or that i am nit welcomed. I just know for me my situation started after i had a really bad flesh untreated ulcer and not saying that was a main factor but thay my new life of despair occurred and i haven't been able to cope or function in society because if it, even skipping out on family functions, constantly leaving jobs now on disability because of this constant scenario. I do believe our skin, ph level holds a great significance. Anytime i would put on lotion or of fragrance the reactions are worse than when i dont put anything at all. Not just the skin but bad breath too. The PATM forums havr been more than helpful knowing i am not alone. Right now i am taking supplements to try elevate the situation but thats better being said then done. So i think a documentary would be wonderful to showcase the world that there are more than your usual diseases and illnesses out there again an awareness that even doctors need to take a look into.

Apr 24, 2015
by: Mike

The biggest thing I notice when people are with in 50 feet of me is coughing. In addition I notice scratching of the eyes, sneezing, and clearing of the throat. I am so sick of when I research body odor websites talk about heigene as if those who have odor issues do not wash. It is actually the opposite for any person who is sensitive to how they smell. People who are sensitive to how they smell wash far more thouroughly and frequently than the average person. In my case, my friends make fun of me for how frequently I shower and do laundry. I have researched every heigien method in the world and tried with no success. This problem did not start for me until my low 30's. I got really sick on an African Safari and had a stomach infection for months when I returned to the USA. Only one person so far in my personal life has admitted to me that I have an odor problem. The rest don't notice it. Even the people who think I smell fine still start coughing when they get near me. Thankfully I have kept a good auditing job. But this problem destroys my professional confidence. It's also destroyed my personal life. I used to socialize and date many girls. Now I just stay at home usually. I don't even know how I could approach a woman or feel comfortable enough to get close to one. . Well if this is all in my head, I think I have an even bigger problem.

Mar 18, 2015
It will take years to understand this problem.
by: Anonymous

This problem is really really hard to uncover. It will take a patm person to get into medicine and study it. It’s not really easy for physicians to understand because patients themselves don’t really understand it either. We can only see the symptoms but can’t really understand what’s really happening. Most patient’s initial awareness of this is when other people sniffle and cover their noses as we talk infront of them. They’d develop uncomfortable throat clearing at first then slight coughs and sneezes which eventually develops into full blown sickness if exposed for longer periods.

The fact is, other people are not reacting because of any odour but rather gasping for air. And this is not hearsay, this is what’s actually happening. Other people will feel symptoms ranging from itchy noses, lack of ventilation, a slight headache and loss of concentration. The urge to cough and sneeze as they gasp for air grows stronger every minute and will eventually leave in search of a more comfortable and ventilated area to relieve the symptoms. Each person is different so will react at different rates. Some takes a day or more but when they do, they’re allergic to patm people in minutes and even secs. Looking up problems with similar symptoms, you’d find that asphyxiation gas in low concentration causes the same reaction in people. People are not aware of their reactions but patm patients are because of the repetitive experiences from everyone.
And that is the precise reason why physicians can’t understand. It is because they think it’s a rare occurrence given that they don’t observe the repetitive experiences that patients go through and patm patients are too scared and embarrassed to push the limits in exposing the truth behind it because most think it’s an odor problem and are ashamed to even get into details.

With that said, it’s obvious that patm personnel may have had the condition a few days or weeks before realizing what they have.

Mar 16, 2015
by: Danielle Scarvaci

I am a media production student in my final year or university and I am looking into creating a documentary about PATM. If any of you live in the UK, preferably in the midlands area I would be grateful if you could contact me. My email address is or you can search for me (Danielle Scarvaci) on Facebook. If you live elsewhere also feel free to contact me as I could do with some more information and could possibly have a video chat with you.

Danielle Scarvaci

Mar 08, 2015
is thier any cute
by: Anonymous

Is thier any cure about this problem....please share if you have medicine...i cant understand how this happen to job is a seaman after 1 year travelling arround the world, when im going home ive notice this problem...very almost losing my job about this.

Feb 25, 2015
by: Adlemi

I had also this prom for about a year and no one can undrstand the situation, i know some of my co-employee were talking about me. All of them got flu, runny nose, sneeze beside me and cough except for me. I dont get sick but i had weight lost. Maybe because of stress..feeling embarrased and annoying always on people.. I want to do some suggestion i read.. Some solution to the problem but it tooks harder for me 50% get enough sleep, about 7-9hrs ideal sleep. 20% exercise and be a vegetarian and eat fruits..) and 30% be calm, inhale and exhale ..relax and stress free.. But whle doing these i want to add that we also try to have saline help in other way. I want to push a little harder to me because i have no time always late sleep and not consistent eating vegetables because of hectic sched. How can i manage..i dont want to dstroy my carreer just because i am PALM. Can we get all be friends and have some dialogue in here so that we can undersand each other and talk other things. Pls add me.

Feb 20, 2015
Correction - No Odor
by: Anonymous

The allergic part, cough, and sneeze is verifiable because we can all observe them but the odor claim is false and every doctor agrees. The moment physicians hear about odor claims, they refrain from even talking about it because we are indirectly saying they have a faulty nose.

Jan 15, 2015
i feel the same
by: Anonymous

Hello everybody, I'm from Brazil. I made a lot of researchs on internet trying to figure this problem out.I tried in my language, on Brazil's website, but I found nothing. I'm passing through all this for about 2 years. I don't talk to anybody about this because it seems a little crazy, they woundnt understand me. But i see there are more people suffering with the same problem. I'd really like to contribute anyway to find out how to deal with it.

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