Pizza Drivers of Myrtle Beach | Documentary Idea

by William Lawless
(Chicago, IL, USA)

Pizza Drivers of Myrtle Beach Documentary Idea: Delivering pizzas in the heat of a Myrtle Beach summer presents many challenges to even the most experienced drivers, such as fighting the stop-and-go traffic on Ocean Boulevard, finding the customer's room in the 19-building Sea Mist Resort, and dealing with very demanding and impatient customers, all the while maintaining a professional appearance and demeanor.

"Pizza Drivers of Myrtle Beach" follows the many adventures...on the road, in the shop, and on the beach...of the delivery drivers of a Myrtle Beach pizzeria during the Summer Tourist Season. We will follow the drivers as they make the pizzas, make their appointed rounds, and get just a little crazy in the process. We will also meet the various characters who make up the clientele. Remember that there will be no script as we will talk candidly with each driver during the course of his/her delivery run.

The series begins with a two-hour pilot episode during the last week of April and/or the first week of May, when the summer tourist season in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina gets underway. We take a close look at the inner workings of a local pizzeria as the staff prepare for another summer season. The seasonal employees arrive from all over the country…and from all over the world…during this time and get themselves (re)acquainted with the Myrtle Beach Area. They are also briefed on new products and changes to policies and procedures. The manager briefs the drivers on all the new construction in the area, particularly new hotels and condo buildings, which have opened since the previous season.

The second week of May brings the first of two major spring motorcycle rallies, the Myrtle Beach Bike Week Spring Rally, to town. Business really begins to pick up and the drivers are looking for detours around the bumper-to-bumper traffic on Ocean Boulevard, despite police restrictions on using side streets. We ride along with the drivers as they brave the traffic on their appointed rounds and show the human side of each of the drivers.
Memorial Day Weekend brings the Atlantic Beach Bike Rally and over 300,000 motorcycle enthusiasts to the Grand Strand Area. Atlantic Beach was one of the very few beachfront communities where African-Americans were welcome during the dark days of Segregation. The traffic on Ocean Boulevard and Kings Highway is at its absolute worst. State Troopers and Correctional Officers augment the local police force on the streets during this crazy weekend. We focus our discussion on how the drivers maintain their sanity and professionalism during this stressful period.

Throughout the summer, we will examine the personal and professional trials and triumphs of each of the drivers; on the road, in the shop, and on the beach. We will take a balanced approach by chatting with both seasoned veterans and newly-hired rookies, as well as with both long-time local residents and seasonal drivers. No topic will be out of bounds, unless requested by the individual drivers or by the restaurant managers in order to protect their personal privacy or to safeguard confidential information.

Pizza delivery is a potentially dangerous occupation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, delivery drivers are third most likely profession to be murdered in the line of duty, behind police officers and taxi drivers, with robbery as the usual motive. Each episode will include a segment on safety and security tips for delivery drivers as well as tips for customers to help keep the delivery drivers safe. Each episode will also include a brief segment featuring the various technologies that the drivers use on a daily basis, both on the road and in the shop, to guide them to their customers and keep track of the money.

The Season Finale, to be filmed during the Labor Day Weekend, features a recap of all the highlights of the season and a brief chat with each of the cast members about their memorable moments and their plans for the off-season.

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