Proana Lifestyle | Documentary Idea

by Frances Mullienr
(Torrance, California)

So I know there is a bunch of documentaries about eating disorders and anorexia. I even know that there are documentaries about the "pro ana" lifestyle. But there has never been one on a group of girls 18+ who live on their OWN, and not with any recovery doctors and specialists.

These girls would live as roommates in a house or apartment, that consists of girls living the anorexic or pro ana lifestyle.

It would show their eating habits, the way they exercise and live their life. What food they buy, what food they don't buy and everything in between. It would show the different harsh relationships with food, exercise, and being skinny in each of the girls. Kind of like a reality show, but more like a documentary about living the anorexic lifestyle, and not getting help.

Yes, it would be dangerous but there would always be camera crew around, and help if needed.

It's more of an eye opener of what anorexic girls go through, behind the scenes of what people think. It would be real, seeing real life girls, with all their real life eating disorder problems. There struggles, their achievements, their problems, and so on.

They would be able to have a "confessional room" type of deal to tell the world their thoughts and feelings.

The documentary would show what every girl eats, and their eating rituals as well as all their notes and distorted ways of eating such as restricting and binging and purging. It would be a random group of girls who don't want to recover and keep living their anorexic ways. If someone does get medically or physically hurt there will always be someone to help.

At the end of the show, the girls would be offered help, or if they still don't want it, would go back home.


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