Question About Writing A Documentary Treatment

by Robert

Question How do you identify interviews in treatment that you HOPE take place. And what you HOPE they will say?

EX: It is an interview with the president of the USA

We are hoping he re-states something from a previous interview available on-line.

How do you present these particular statement as opposed to interviews already we have captured?


Answer | Desktop Documentaries

Hi Robert, thanks for your question!

When writing a treatment or documentary proposal, you are setting the scene for the reader on what you're trying to accomplish with your documentary project. The reader understands that you are pitching a project that is not yet completed. So in your proposal, it's perfectly fine to say something like:

"In the treatment below, we have included interview quotes that are similar to what we expect to record during the interview process, but are not actual quotes that we have been recorded. All information below is based on our research thus far and is subject to change as the story develops."

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