Romanian Gypsies | Documentary Idea

by Bonatiu
(Athlone, Ireland)

This documentary does not want to denigrate the gypsies, romanians or europeans! Just wants to show the truth, reality and differences between romanians, gypsies and europeans. The documentary will show the history of Gypsies and their way of life in Romania without change one way or another the reality as some TV's did!

Another sensitive issue will be how hard it is for a romanian to be accepted to a job in England or Ireland and what will be the reactions of people when he presents himself to be Romanian and how easy it is to be accepted as an English or Irish in Romania.

We are all humans but we are so different because of the history and culture. This documentary will be a sensitive issue but much more elaborate with examples related to history, culture, racism and politics, shot in different locations in Europe and Romania with different subjects.

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Jun 21, 2016
How to proceed?
by: Stief

Pretty interesting idea. How will you go on with this? I would love to help to work it out as I have studied about the history of the gypsies and their cultural heritage.

Dec 06, 2011
Building Empathy
by: Desktop Documentaries

Thanks for your idea, Bonatiu. One of the most powerful aspects of documentary filmmaking is it's ability to change long held beliefs of discrimination. A great quote I once heard from a documentary filmmaker is that "documentaries help you empathize with things you never knew you could empathize with." I think your documentary is exactly that. There are a lot of deeply held beliefs about Gypsies and it's a normal human condition to judge and fear things we don't understand. Documentaries have the ability to show a side to things people may have never before considered.

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