Series of Rare Medical Cases | Documentary Idea

by chandan jha

i live in Nepali, I am lit bit poor in English so i cant explain all but ma be pictures explain you,
i have many ideas -interesting topics from Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Tibet etc, at present i have six rare medicals cases eg- Snake skin boy, Big head Girl etc, i have other topics like Honey hunting, Jungle mans (Rauta People) and many more,

mail me_aryan2(at) or mrf.chandan(at)

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Nov 15, 2013
Interested Chandan Jha
by: Kimberley

Hi, my name is Kimberley. I am very interested as in your requirements that you need going forward. Please Email me on Having volunteered in Nepal and spending time in the Jungle your ideas are praticularlly interesting to me.I have a personal project in Chitwan next year and would love to talk with you.

Mar 04, 2013
by: Anonymous

About Fat Brothers
Brothers Name & Age (Lekh Bahadur Thapa - Age- 19, and Dol Bahadur Thapa- Age- 15)
Mother Name- Galumaya
Gangalal Hospital in kathmandu- said the problem was caused by liver disease they need to undergo costly surgeries,” Disease Name -unusually swollen abdomen and urinary tract disease.

Timur in Face
Name- Ashok shrestha
Where does he get his money from?
Computer typing if he gets any.

How old was he when the tumor first appeared?
He was only six month.

Does he have any friends? Where does he go, does he interact with any charity on a regular basis?
No he doesn't have any, he stay at home and involve in computer typing and at present he is not involved in any charity but he has a dream to involve,

When was the last time he saw his siblings? Does he want to make contact with them again?
Nine month ago in yearly funeral party of his father and he never take help with other, he is independent and doesn't t believe in taking help so he never want to contact them.

What is his normal daily routine?
he wake up at 5 am after he go for morning walk and spend time by reading news paper with tea and breakfast, He take bath and worship god (In Regular Basic), he start cooking food from 11 am and eat before 1 pm, after that he involves in computer typing if he gets any, he go for a walk at evening than he return back to his home - he fresh up - again worship - he usually live alone - he start preparing dinner from 8 pm and he finish his dinner and kitchen works till 10 pm- he watch news before slipping finally sleep at 11 pm.

Does he want to change his appearance?
He mention that now is of 50 yrs - he frankly doesn't care about his appearance now, but for improving his living stander he need to do some thing and even want to involve in social works, for that he want to change his appearance - if possible,

What would his dream be? What would he do if he did not have the tumor?
He want to involve in social works - actually he doesn't have any family or children so he want to help the poor and illiterate children of remote area of Nepal,
due to the tumor he is always dominated - people stares at him, its make him uncomfortable even to perform his day to day work out side the residence - he want to do business or open shop for earning money but his appearance doesn't let him to do that- if he dint have tumor he would like to involve socially or professorially.

Does he want to have a family? Be married?
No he doesn't want to have family or be married he killed all his desire, he has a sister and he want to work and save money for her study and also for her marriage.

Chandan Jha
Mob- 00977 9801012311 (Kathmandu- Nepal)

Mar 04, 2013
by: Chandan jha

I want to tell about mine before start topic- i was story fixer for London media company, where my famous story are Eight limbs girl and Boy, Elephant man (all from India) and many more for channel 5, Discovery channel, recently i completed story of Bird man, after my job contract finish.

Now i am not in job or contract with any company, i am thinking for Self work but i don't have sufficient fund to do all, where i have only idea but not good English and money,
The above attached cases are from Nepal and never get film, all are fresh case and in my contact, i have good contact in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Tibet throw i get this type of cases...
Above cases are very small example - i have more complected cases- i explain throw your E-mail,
I have all required details of above cases and have good relation with them, they are my good friends,

Mar 04, 2013
approach with respect
by: Desktop Documentaries

Thank you Chandan for your documentary idea. It truly breaks my heart to see these photos. How much suffering these people must have had in their lives. I do hope that if someone decides to take on this project that they will approach the topic with utmost respect and kindness towards the afflicted. These people should not be displayed as bizarre creatures but as human beings. Who are these people? What are their day-to-day lives like? How do they cope with such extreme human conditions? What does the medical community have to say about these rare conditions? What do their neighbors think? Does anyone try to help them? These are just some of the questions that come to mind.

I would be curious to know if any other documentaries have been made about these people.

Chandan, I realize your English is not great (try copying and pasting this text into Google Translate), but what is your connection with these people/medical cases? Do you know them personally?

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