Sex Crimes: Surviving the System | Documentary Idea

by Josh Brenner
(Montana USA)

I propose a documentary project whereby several subjects related to the field of sex crimes prosecutions are interviewed and followed-to a degree allowable by privacy requirements of victims- to create an accurate depiction of all aspects of a prosecution.

Cooperating subjects could include: Investigators/interviewers, Victims, Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys, Judges, victim advocates, psychological experts, medical professionals.

A consulting professional, such as a sex-crimes prosecutor, would have connections to all groups.

Almost all of society is ignorant of how the system works, which in light of the known prevalence of sexual assault, is a giant gap of knowledge.

That ignorance is harmful in society because it perpetuates cultural myths that discourage reporting and shame victims. Most people would be surprised of how prominent those myths still are in the system and society, and also in their own thinking.

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Jan 27, 2013
by: Josh

If a serious film-maker did this right, it would capture the heartache, healing, and suffering, but also the hope and strength and perseverance to push through the system and triumph. A lot of people seem to think there are a lot of "false reports" of rape, which may in their mind encompass an idea of a vengeful woman making a report, but it isn't understood whether they think that applies to the cases that go through the crucible of the system and survive to go to a jury. Do people really think a large number of women go through rape exams, police interviews, prosecution interviews, defense interviews, trial in the presence of the offender and all public? Do they really fake symptoms of PTSD and watch their families suffer...for a lie? Do they watch a defense team investigate their entire sexual history, demand and sometimes obtain counseling records, mental health records, medical get back at a guy?
The system is far crueler than people realize and the victims of sexual assault of all ages and genders don't enjoy the process at all, and if they are willing to go through it and summon the strength to survive it, they should be believed and supported and hopefully validated by a jury and a sentencing judge.

Jan 27, 2013
women demonstrate against sex crime
by: Carl Hill

There should be a scene in the documentary where women exercise their power. Globally demonstrate agains crime against women by refused to have sex for a month.

Jan 26, 2013
by: josh

Lets just say I'm on the inside and could possibly the consultant. So, I'm font qualified to make this myself.

Jan 26, 2013
inside track?
by: Desktop Documentaries

Hi Josh,

Thanks for your idea. Do you by chance have an inside track to this story? (ie relationships with victims, attorneys, etc) Curious what it is exactly that fascinates you about this story? What initially grabbed your interest?

Also, are you interested in making this film yourself or are you pitching it for other filmmakers?

Thanks again!

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