SIDES: Actor dialogue from their P.O.V. (Documentary Idea)

by karen n
(british columbia, canada)

This documentary would investigate the various methods that actors use to memorize dialogue, not only for auditions, but also for long scenes that are shot; and what's more, dialogues from scripts that utilize dialogue that includes terms, and strings of terms, that are 'foreign' to them on account of their specific context, be it medical, sci-fi, funerial, legal, law enforcement, etc.

Not only would this doc increase/expand on existing fan-bases, it could also encourage them (the fans) to encorporate some of the methods thus enhancing their day-to-day activities and even perhaps improving their self-confidence...

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Sep 29, 2010
community theater
by: Webmaster

This could be a charming little documentary if you chose to focus your story around the characters of a small town theater.

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