Straight Edge Teenagers Documentary Idea

by Aaron Gratton
(Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England)

Here's my documentary idea pitch: a look into how straight edge teenagers fit in/don't fit into society. Teenagers are often given bad press and accused of having bad role models. Many see teenagers as revolts against society and with so many teens drinking, smoking and doing drugs, this only leads to the negative outlook on teenagers.

But not many give a thought to straight edge teenagers who live within a society where it's deemed 'cool' to drink until you can't drink anymore. Many feel that to have a good time, you need a drink. In many sub-cultures, drinking is at the very core, particularly with teenagers.

I want to use my own personal experience of being a straight edge teenager, being in a society where others my age want to go out and get drunk and how people have reacted to me when I've told them that I don't drink. I would also talk to other straight edge teenagers and find out about their own experiences.

There is a lack of role models for straight edge teenagers to really look up to, whilst there are some, it is hardly seen in mainstream media as it is just not appealing. Examples of straight edge celebrities are Hayley Williams (lead singer of punk band Paramore) and WWE wrestler Phil Brooks aka CM Punk who is very open about the fact he is straight edge and incorporates it into his on-screen character.

I believe that this documentary deserves to be made. Straight edge teenagers are a part of society that isn't given any light. Making this would let other straight edge teens, who may feel pressured into participating in something that they don't want to do, that there are others out there and they are not the only ones.

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