Sustainable Living Experiment To Combat Poverty | Documentary Idea

by Kaylan
(Vancouver, Canada)

Sustainable living documentary idea: what would the standard north american lifestyle look like if we substituted and transitioned to only green products?

Many proponents for sustainable living advocate that there is enough to go around - poverty and hunger need not be a problem if only the developed countries reduce their consumption of unnecessary goods and services while those going without increase their intake.

By cutting the fat and waste of so much of what we produce and consume, we can allocate resources to meeting more people's most basic needs.

But how possible is this? How would people in the developed world adjust to such a dramatic lifestyle change?

After all, our culture celebrates consumption and the pursuit of material accumulation. It's a sign of success. It is "the good life".

I think a documentary exploring this transition would draw a large audience.

If I were to make a documentary, I would show a number of households in the developed world (perhaps in the U.S. or Canada) who are used to a life of high, unsustainable, and unnecessary consumption going through this transition today.

Also, the end of the documentary would show the net savings in terms of resources and what effect that would have if it were transferred over to the same number of people/families in an underdeveloped country (in the form of necessary goods that they need, such as food, clothing, basic technologies, etc - all of which are up to date with the most sustainable manufacturing methods).

It would be very inspiring to explore the possibility of a more equal distribution of resources in the world.

What are your thoughts about this documentary idea? Leave comments below...

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