The Beis Din, The Jewish Court System

by Joe Rubin
(Oak Park, Mi USA)

In theory, The Beis Din, The Jewish Court System, is invested with legal powers, where its judgments hold varying degrees of authority.

How often is The Beis Din actually utilized per community through out the USA; why or why not? And for what type of cases?

How truly fair is The Beis Din? Is is corrupt?

This is my documentary idea. Let me know your thoughts.

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May 14, 2016
Michigan Beis Din is corrupt
by: Anonymous

The Michigan Beis Din is corrupt; some of the rabbis. I have first hand experience dealing with their garbage. They protect their own even when guilty. They try to put positive spins on things and when they no longer can they avoid avoid avoid. They try to sweep things under the rug to because it's easier not to deal with it. I would give you examples but they'd figure out who I am. They made me and my family's life a lot worse.

Apr 20, 2011
personal connections
by: Webmaster

Do you have any personal connections to this story? What is the human angle? Has someone you know been wronged by this system?

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