The Day We Said No To War | Documentary Idea

by Michael Hall

SYRIA. On the 29th of August 2013 the social media and online newspaper comment pages went crazy. The country was angry. David Cameron, Nick Clegg and William Hague were intent on starting yet another war. But public opinion said a resounding NO! And Parliament listened.

Did it start as a trickle or did start with a bang?


I Want to examine this from every angle. From the tweeters who tweeted to Twitter that viewed it from its angle as well as Mailonline, Huff Post (brit and inter). Guardian, sky , BBC, yahoo uk ETC.

Those that looked on with despair as public opinion hardened and as parliament looked more and more likely to vote 'no' to war as the day went on. What is the pro war take on the events and what was their thoughts on the day and of they day. Did they deliberately ignore public opinion?

Reaction abroad. Britain was accused of cowardice. Often by Americans, but also by people from countries that were never going to put their armed forces into harm's way. But we also examine how this view changed, especially in the USA as the 'Al Qaeda' factor came into play.

We then switch to the American debate (social media and politicians)

What made President Obama change his mind and Congress and Capitol Hill's demand to have a debate of their own.

We see this day from as many viewpoints as possible. and examine the implications for future conflicts, debates etc..

And in hindsight did we make the right decision not to go to war?

Syria is bad but Syria could have easily got even worst. Syria could have become is next Iraq. So have we learned from the mistakes of Iraq? Or should I say have the general public learnt from past mistakes. Because the politicians determination if anything, that they have not.

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