The Future | Documentary Idea

by Bill Griffith
(Sydney - Australia)

Many of the documentaries I have seen are about the past. Why not make a doco about the future? After all, that's how great businesses started, by using imagination, inventiveness, and above all, "Just do it"

Some ideas could include:

The future of the world of business as we now know it. The change of consumer buying habits

Education; Are we, Have we, become a world of educated derelicts producing nothing more than critics?

Fear: The last apple/orange/cucumber etc. When there is no more suitable land available to grow crops

Information: The last newspaper/magazine when the world is doing all of their reading on apps.

Remember, it is only a little over twenty years ago that we began wearing mobile phones on our belts or carrying them in our bags. Never before in the history of the world has change happened so frequently across such a wide array of goods and services. Embrace it in your documentary.

Who knows, you might even come up with the next watchamacallit!


What do you think of this documentary idea "The Future"? Any ideas or suggestions to take the idea further?

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Nov 21, 2014
personalize it
by: Anonymous

thanks for the ideea :)

Feb 01, 2014
The Future
by: Anonymous

If you search carefully you see that this subject has been well handled in the past and there are some great documentaries. The future and how things will look in the future is an interesting topic. Sorry to pop your bubble..
perhaps you can look at it from an angle that hasn' been covered.

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