The Last Testament (The Book of Man) | Documentary Idea

by Sam B
(New Brunswick, Canada)

What if I told you something so seemingly preposterous, although the truth, it questions the very fabric of mans existence. How do you convey something so radical, in thought, that if we don't give it due consideration that we, as a species, are destined for failure. Moreover, that our survival depends on it! What if I told you that something is that…

God...does not exist!

I will attempt to encapsulate and answer why. This is my documentary idea.

Mans ability to reign over this planet has come, in large part, from his ability to adapt to his environment through imagination and ingenuity. If we can grasp that the evolutionary processes, however fast or slow, is always in response to our changing environment and that man is not at the pinnacle of his evolutionary processes does salvation reside.

With the ability to communicate followed culture and inevitably diverging communities that held firm to superstitions and traditions from the world in which they saw and understood it. Societies became polarized in their beliefs and asserted themselves, as dominant, through hierarchical systems and archaic superstition; of which, we still continue to suffer.

With the desire to understand mans purpose ancient scholars wrote texts in order make sense of his existence and his relationship with a divine being or beings; hence the final product of our “Testaments” today. Although the Bible possesses many great lessons of wisdom to live by, the testaments represent nothing more than a compilation of copies or a plagiarism of ancient texts into the multitude of religions of today.

Today’s bibles, or testaments, are found to be self serving by way of interpretation, conjecture and ultimately accepted as axiom. Ancient writings were scribed by men and edited by men in response to periods of turmoil, throughout mans recorded history, in an attempt to direct or manipulate mans focus on how we should live and what to believe.

Hierarchical systems and archaic superstition, government and religion of today, have been intimately intertwined with heads of state, mainly monarchic systems, being divinely appointed by god and consecrated by the church whereas the church gained more influence and power, through the state, over the people; they had preyed upon our most basic of needs… trust and love.

For if you are not for the establishment then you are against it and subject to its consequences. Capitalism and classes of people ensued, namely the elite and the impoverished, and church and state worked together to mobilise armies and send countries to war in an effort to gain more influence (in matters of church) or territory (in matters of state) under the banner of god disguised and sovereignty and security interests.

Our evolutionary stagnation complete greed and fanaticism is now well rooted within our individualistic societies and continues to evolve into something much more akin to cancerous; welcome finally to the corporation. Church and state became victims of their own prodigy and, over time, corporation matured and learned how to exert its influence and power over the people by manipulating laws, rights and freedoms coupled with infiltrating church and state to meet its agendas, through propaganda, by creating real or false enemies.

What remains clear is the wanton disregard of basic human needs and so the relationship between elites and the impoverished widens. For the impoverished or those coming from difficult socio-economic backgrounds issues of trust and faith, in man and god, become extremely difficult concepts to cast in a positive light. Why? Because church and state, in particular state, have betrayed the masses to the corporation usurping of resources and territory.

Most of us are now victims of this “new world order” and have difficulty reconciling why we are the way we are and believe there is something inherently wrong within ourselves. Corporation acutely understands something that we have difficulty divorcing ourselves from…that god, nor satan, does not exist.

The ancient writings were mere interpretations of the conflict between the good and evil within ourselves and sought to temper the negative (evil) behavior, of man, through what’s now commonly referred to as scripture. Ultimately we became stagnant or static in our thinking (fanatical) and parasitical (greedy) in our quest to gain and consume from the earth, without giving in return, even at the expense of our own! Hope though, is not, non existent as a divine spirit does exist! It is not really external, although tied to the cosmos, but more internal.

It’s a spirit that resides within us to do what’s right by others and ourselves. To not give up hope and be fair to ourselves in understanding that we are products of our environment and have the capacity to make differences, no matter how small, to the betterment of human kind. Understand that we, as specie, are inherently good and that no one is born bad. Only through our environments do we learn the negative behavior; so…it is not in our nature!

From the perspective I just tried to outline, in broad strokes, is not something that can’t be researched and that hasn’t already, to some extent, been commented on.

The only thing in this commentary that I can truly claim as my own is the realization of the divine spirit within me and each of us. The human specie needs to now be more collectively conscience with respect to the state of the world and the extent of corruption and manipulation has on our lives and how it impacts the next generation to succeed us and so on and so forth.

There are extremely sinister events taking place and I would suspect a revolution, whether passive or active, is on the horizon and depends on society reaching a critical mass and how the hierarchy chooses to deal with it and the resultant outcome. The aim here is to view the world holistically and becoming collectively conscience is the next step in our evolutionary process.

Why did I choose the title I did for this documentary idea? It is now within mans ability to write in the next series of legacy or legacies through inaction or action. We must let go of the greed and fanaticism that permeates the entire planet and revert back to the importance of the community, especially global, give the “inalienable rights” to all and seek a more symbiotic relationship with our environment.

The knowledge and skills exists to make it possible but can we intelligently apply wisdom to save us from ourselves? Our evolution and survival is dependent on it for not to heed the warnings the planet is telling us will hasten our demise and write “the last testament” (the book of man).

That's my documentary idea.

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Jul 18, 2012
Stop ranting and start reading NEW
by: Mr.Bob

Obviously you are ignorant and confused in many aspects, no offense. You are ignorant about the Bible and you are ignorant about history. I assume you read just atheist propaganda and cheap literature (like "DaVinci code"). I don't have space here to enumerate all the reasons why.

The great people who believed the Bible throughout the history until today, weren't stupid. They had (and have) good reasons.

For sure there are ignorant religious people too, but try to read about the good examples. Isaac Newton, Blaise Pascal, Albert Schweitzer, Ben Carson, just to name a few.

Also don't think you are the first who try to discredit the Bible. many tried, nothing original.

Jun 16, 2012
Hypocrisy in it's ugliest of forms.. NEW
by: Anonymous

Well then I guess your God is an alcoholic correct?? Since, as you claim, he lives within You, and your drunkenness has been violent, abusive and selfish to the core to those around you Sam. So, in essence, what does this say about your so called Inner God?? I have NEVER known, or read about anyone finding the "truth" about anything at the bottom of an alcohol bottle. This from the man that refused money to feed his son claiming he was "strapped" BUT had money to spend on his vices; drinking/smoking.

How can you even remotely speak about the evils of the world, and the corruptness of it when you can not even take care of yourself and your own demons within?

Matthew 7:5 - "7:5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye."

Apr 03, 2012
Our concept is incorrect NEW
by: Anonymous

God is within us; always has. It is the source of the universe that is, in part, us. We have been looking outward, thus materialistic, in our view fueled by our fears and desires. Preyed upon by dogma, we have capitulated and accepted state and churches higher sense of moral and ethical behavior, thus outward, as the standard. You see, God is within us because, as us, the universe has attempted and finally succeeded to understand ourselves, thus the universe; albiet a beginning.


Apr 02, 2012
About God NEW
by: Anonymous

Its not that God doesnt exist. Its more like he/she exists, but just doesnt care. He helps those who obey his/her rules out of free will. For those who dont, they may follow their own rules, but wont receive his/her guidance. Really quite simple.

Dec 10, 2011
Consider Your Source
by: Anonymous

Before you listen to this man you should know something about the man that wrote it. On January 23rd, 2011 he pulled out a 9mm pistol, cocked it with his wife sitting about 10ft away and his 6 week old son just in the other room. His wife & baby were barricaded on the floor in the back room of the house for 3 1/2 hrs. There was a major shut down of the neighborhood and a stand off with the police and the swat team. This man suffers from mental issues and he continues to inflict and deprive his family of necessities. To this day he continues to blame his ex-wife for all his problems along with the government, religious groups etc for his behaviors today. You have NO idea other things about him that is being omitted at this time. But if you are going to listen to anything from anyone, then you seriously need to question the source!!

Nov 13, 2011
How To Translate Into A Film
by: Desktop Documentaries

Thanks Sam for your submission. You are obviously quite passionate about this subject and make some interesting points. It is not clear from your description how this idea can be translated into a documentary. Perhaps you could turn this into one, long voice-over "opinion piece" -- visual poetry -- using various images portraying society. Any other ideas for translating these thoughts into a film?

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