The Life of Johnny Depp

by Annah L. M. Swope
(Granby, Colorado, USA)

Basically, this is a documentary talking about Johnny Depp's life and how he became who he is. Then later on, it will begin talking about the movies Johnny Depp is in. I will talk about Johnny Depp's past life, movies just coming out (with him in them) and funny things in Johnny's life. I am going to do my best to get a hold of Johnny Depp but it will be VERY hard so any info on doing that contact me at:

I am doing this documentary by the way. Its a Cadillac Films Production documentary (which is me). I just make documentaries about things and then post them on youtube or hopefully start selling them. They are very well set up, the music is perfect everytime (has to be) if something isn't right, i do it over and over and over again till it is right. I am using a professional program for my documentaries. Can i get you to email me so i may show you the documentary or at least the trailer? the trailer is done. If this will work, email me at

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