The Opposite of Super Size Me | Documentary Idea

by Richard Brown
(Holliday, Texas 76366 USA)

Richard Brown

Richard Brown

Instead of starting off with a young healthy person who eats junk food to become unhealthy, this documentary will start off with a 70 year old former US Marine who has always studied food and supplements to avoid pharmaceuticals, but now has destroyed his heart this past summer trying to push cut a large lawn to get back in shape and still has reason to refuse all VA typical care and pharmaceuticals.

This documentary will demonstrate how a Paleo diet, Supplements and Cardio exercise, can reverse heart disease where pharmaceuticals can’t even pretend to. The short answer is that pharmaceuticals have horrible side effects that at best only affect the heart muscle itself whereas a Paleo diet, Supplements and Cardio exercise will affect everything inside of the body including healthy loss of flabby weight and a thorough cleansing of the circulatory system that even angioplasty can’t do.

All former military receive two medical physicals per year. I am one of those who has always requested copies of the results so I can track my own stats which I have always keep in the “green” with supplements, and what I thought was the right food most of the meals. I also jogged a dozen or more 5Ks per month all of those years until my late fifties when I had to stop jogging after my right knee gave out. Then I slowly gained about 50 pounds over these next 10 years.

So, this past summer 2011, I bought a push lawnmower to cut this large property some three or four times per week but I was only able to go about 25 minutes the very first time before dropping to my knees completely starving for breath. I waited two days and tried it again, this time going 30 minutes before dropping again. I thought I was just too far out of shape so I waited three days before trying it again, but this time dropped in 10 minutes starving for air.

I had my next semiannual VA physical coming up so I thought I’d see what they had to say but rejected heart problems since I don’t use tobacco or alcohol or have any family history of heart disease, and all my medical stats haven’t really changed since my young military days. Nothing showed at this local physical either so they sent me to the VA Hospital in Oklahoma City for further cardio testing.

I also went back to college last year to finish my Bachelors degree. In the Spring Quarter I wrote a paper on America’s secretly Genetically Engineered Food which I then posted on my live a life of health blog The research I did so terrified me that I immediately went on the primarily raw food Paleo diet – coincidentally of any knowledge of a heart problem.

At the VA hospital, they first did a Nuclear Stress test that showed an Injection Fracture of 29% and then over a period of two months to get the Cardiologist appointment, where he asked me just two questions: did I smoke (no) and is there any heart disease in my family (also no.) Without another word, he took out his prescription pad and started to write. I was quite taken back as I do not take pharmaceuticals but I did try and discuss my new Paleo diet with him. He just shrugged me off and wouldn’t even let me finish. I asked him about buying an exercise machine like Jake’s Cardio Cruiser and he just said, “fine,” but, no discussion on the importance of anything other than his pharmaceuticals, which I reluctantly picked up at the VA pharmacy on the way out.

I started doing even more research on the heart medications prescribed me and none of it good. I found a few websites of Cardiologists and doctors discussing the benefits of nutrition and supplements in lieu of Big Pharma-drugs and even more such information since.

The bottom line is that I did not take their pharmaceuticals and I canceled the Angioplasty they scheduled for me last month. I did purchase Jake’s Cardio-Cruiser machine and do adhere to the Paleo diet. I have so far lost 32 pounds and becoming as active as I was before injuring my heart. I know this because I can super-pump that cardio machine on medium high resistance for 35 minutes at a fairly good pace without any physical side effects or shortness of breath, and I am only about 6 weeks into it.

There isn’t any way this progress would be possible unless I have sufficiently increased my blood flow which wouldn’t be at all possible unless I increased the strength of the overall heart and cleaned out much of the resistance (plaque) in my arteries and veins along with the current loss of 32 pounds to date and counting.

Richard Brown

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Jan 19, 2012
personal point of view
by: Desktop Documentaries

Thanks Richard for your documentary idea. Just curious.. have you thought about getting a small camcorder and documenting your story as it develops? Taking your camera along to the doctor, while you're exercising, keeping a video diary, etc..

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