The Secret? Really?

by Micah Edgar
(Arcata, CA)

My documentary would focus on not only the bs that is so very obvious to anyone who has ever met someone with delusions of grandeur, but will also explore the simple facts. One simple fact is that if you believe what this cult is telling you than you must conclude that the Jews are responsible for the holocaust, the Africans are responsible for slavery, and that we are responsible for fast-food, poorly constructed products, and our own slavery. I instead argue that there are people who want us to believe this so that we will be blind to the tactics of the world governing elite.

If we believe that we create our own fate and that our status at birth has little to do with it than we are ignoring some shocking statistics that say that a very large majority of people end up in the same class as their parents. Your family has most likely been poor, middle class, or rich for as far back as you can trace. It is time this lie is exposed so that people will stop trying to blame the misfortunate for there situation.

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Jun 08, 2011
What are you angry about?
by: Anonymous

Not sure what your subject is.
Pick something you are passionate about.
One thing.

Sep 14, 2010
What's your footage?
by: Webmaster

Your title grabbed my attention. However, it's not exactly clear where you are heading with your idea. Are you thinking to take the popular book "The Secret" and debunk each point made in the book? As a journalist, I'm always interested to hear "the other side of the story." You are on to an interesting idea and I'd like to see you flesh it out a bit more. Thanks for sharing!

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