The Singer Who's Brain Forgot How To Sing | Documentary Idea

by David Scott
(Glasgow, UK)

(July 26, 2015) Hi I am David Scott. I have been a professional singer most of my life. I have had some amazing experiences being signed to a major record label performing in some of the biggest Venues within the UK. All my life my voice has been my passion, the reason I felt purpose.

However for the last 4 years I have struggled with my voice.

I arrived at a venue one night and tried to sing and nothing would come out. My voice is something that I took for granted for 15 years performing. I had never experienced anything like this in my life.

I slowly but surely tried to sing through the gig but I had lost all my vocal ability, This has continued to plague me 4 years on and subsequently I have had to get a regular job working 9-5.

At first when this happened I reacted like every singer and thought I had damaged vocal chords (Nodules) however when I got the " all clear from ENT I realised that this problem is more complex than simply physical.

Here is my documentary pitch:

Follow a Professional singer's roller coaster journey to the other side of the Atlantic in an attempt to find his lost voice through the help of the best vocal coaches in the world. Can he face his demons and regain his voice to what it once was or is it lost forever?

David Scott - For the majority of his life has been singing to thousands via weddings, clubs, bars (2300+ gigs and counting) has forgot how to sing. He suffers from a neurological disorder called Vocal Dystonia.

Vocal Dystonia - a neurological disorder where the brain and nervous system are somewhat disconnected with the signal path to singing technique and muscle memory, resulting in the brain not sending the correct signals to the muscles around the vocal chords causing an unpredictable choked strangled sound, sometimes not coming out at all, limited range and a struggle to perform.

Having searched desperately for answers, Hypnotherapy, Vocal massages, Countless journeys to ENT departments - David Believes he can only re gain his vocal ability by learning to sing completely from scratch.

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Apr 18, 2018
I just don't know
by: Mitzi

I have experienced the same thing. I had a quality singing voice. This is one reason my husband fell in love with me. However, in the past several years my ability has gone down hill. I experience the choking as well. Sometimes my voice cuts off in the middle of a note. I used to be able to sing pretty high notes but as of late I am struggling. I feels like my brain is getting confused as to what it is supposed to do. I am extremely heartbroken, but I keep praying that I will find my voice again as it used to be, or close to it.

Jan 04, 2018
Looking in a mirror
by: Jaylene

Hi David...

I am experiencing the exact same thing. It's as though my body has forgotten how to sing, despite having had a natural ability from the time I was a child. It is confusing, disheartening...I am doubtful I can relearn, and heartbroken. In addition to the uncertainty of my music ministry moving forward, I would just love to be able to sing with my wee daughters.

Be well,

Nov 01, 2017
radio documentary project
by: filmmaker

Hi I know your post is from 2 years ago but would love to do a 10 minute interview with you about your story for a radio documentary project I am doing with visualisation. I think your story is really interesting I think it would work really well if you are interested I would love to here back from you.

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