Transitioning Veterans | Documentary Idea

by Austin Hunt
(Omaha, Nebraska)

Hey everyone, my name is Austin Hunt and I am very new to this whole documentary scene. I served in the Marine Corps for 5 years before getting out in March of 2013.

Little did I realize that the transition to civilian life was going to be much more difficult than anticipated. At first I thought I was the only one struggling until I heard from friends I served with encountering similar problems.

In this documentary, I would love to uncover and explore the trials and experiences of the military to civilian transition.

I do not want to focus on factors like PTSD, although I might touch on it. I am more intent on just seeing what the average military veteran has to struggle with to become successful in the civilian world.

It seems like we missed out on important years of our life and are fighting an uphill battle to become "normal". However, that is not necessarily the case. We just took a different route than most people.

I would like to interview people who are struggling as well as people who have become very successful in their transition.

It would be great to see the comparison between the two and what these individuals did differently to affect the outcome.

I would like to gather my information from veterans of every branch of military across the country.

My hope is to help veterans see that they are not alone and maybe even introduce them to tips on how to be successful.

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Dec 03, 2019
Looking for military documentary producer
by: Greg M

I have written a very good Navy book/story. It has been very well received, all have liked it.
I have a good amount of personnel video that corresponds with the book. Lou Reda productions in Easton has my combat footage from the carrier Constellation CVA-64 circa 1971-72. I think this story would make a pretty good documentary. The book is called CONNIE: The USS Constellation and the Last 50 Star Union Jack
I also have contact with several shipmates that served on CONNIE for interviews.
I know nothing about how to pitch this.
Open to all suggestions, even someone new in the business to talk to.

May 27, 2016
Like the topic
by: Alex

I like the topic and would love to participate. If there is anybody from Vancouver, Canada area please email me at

Jun 21, 2015
Documentary Film Student
by: Anonymous

Hi there

Hope this email meets you well. I am a documentary Filmmaker student at New York Film Academy. I have just finished working on social issue short film with veterans.

I would like to extend it into a featured Film.
But, I wish I had access or enough information from a character...

Kindly advise if you are interested of sharing with me.

Mar 10, 2015
one person, one story
by: Desktop Documentaries

Hi Austin, A great place to start is with one interview, one story (maybe even your own). Post that on YouTube and start sharing and building interest. I think you can help a lot of people if you move forward with this. Good luck!

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