Uberman Ultra Triathalon "The Toughest On Earth" | Documentary Idea

by Daniel Bercu
(Malibu, CA)

Seeking Filmmakers: The Uberman Ultra Triathlon, www.Uberman1.com, is the toughest physical challenge on the planet. It represents the future of endurance racing where athletes are no longer content with completing a mere marathon or Ironman.

Large corporate events such as The Tough Mudder and Spartan Race have also lost the unique pull as they are offered in hundreds of locations each year.

Our ten contestants are not elite athletes but are ordinary working men and women who are looking for the lunatic fringe of what is physically possible.

The 550 mile course goes from the mists of Avalon Island in The pacific Ocean to the Snows of Mt Whitney in the Sierra Nevada range of light.

Ten ordinary mortals will swim 21 miles from Catalina Island to Palos Verdes.

Then they will bike 400 miles from PV to Badwater (lowest place in North America) Death Valley.

The final leg involves a 135 mile run from Badwater (elevation minus 200 feet) to Whitney portal ( the highest peak in the lower 48 states.)

The Crossfit games draws thousands of competitors from around the globe in a virtual world competition.

The winner lays claim to the title of "fittest on earth".

We believe Uberman is a more compelling story in that it involves a point to point journey across some of the most beautiful and challenging terrain on the planet.

Like the ride sharing site Uber, Uberman is available to any and all participants.

There are no prequalifying races or huge entrance fees.

The race is free, with all proceeds going to charity.

Similar stories have been told with great acclaim in recent years. Desert Runners told the story of five people tackling the four harshest deserts on earth and won several awards. Meru told the story of two world class mountain climbers on the quest to bag the unclimbed Himalayan peak.

Uberman takes place much closer to home and is set in LA, the entertainment capital of the world. We believe the potential for international awareness is tremendous.

If you are a director or film maker looking to tell the story of a modern day Odyssey we would love to hear from you.

The demands of the training are without rival and the entrants are balancing the competing pull of family, career, and thousands of hours of grueling training.

This is a familiar tale of seeking balance in ones life, while striving to accomplish something that puts ones mark on the world.

We are offering an inside look at something that has never been done before. It represents a physical challenge on par with climbing Everest, biking the Tour de France and running the Sahara desert.

Technological barriers are broken every day. physical firsts are much rarer these days.

Uberman is one such barrier to the limit of human physical and metal toughness.

Everyone wants to experience the limit of human suffering to see what they are capable of overcoming in their own everyday lives.

Please join us in documenting this tale of the triumph of will.

The participants and course are set. Athletes begin arriving in LA the first week of October.

We have boat captains and support vehicles.

Some members have their own crew but we are looking for one singular voice to tell the story from a macro and micro view.

The anticipated time to complete the course is 100 hours. Some participants may take longer. There are no cut off times.

The Enduroman event in Europe is similar but far more civilized challenge.

There is no similar event in The United StatesThe race begins October 20th in LA.

We are looking for a film maker to document the training and or race itself.

Please contact Daniel Bercu : Dbercu@bercullc.com for further details about Uberman or its affiliates.

Please send your film resume or educational background to:

Daniel Bercu LLC.
11345 pacific View Dr
Malibu, CA 90265

Posted: May 5, 2016

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